Explore beauty of Meghalaya caves

Explore beauty of Meghalaya caves

Explore beauty of Meghalaya caves

A first-of-its-kind photo exhibition showcasing the beauty of unexplored caves of Meghalaya and their ecological importance will be held in the City on February 1.

Two City-based photographers Shivakumar L and Sriharsha Ganjam, who recently concluded their expedition to Meghalaya, have chronicled their journey through images and video footage.

Titled as 'The Confluence' with the theme ‘Subterranean caves,’ the photo exhibition showcases unseen and exotic world of Mawmluh caves- the limestone caves that were discovered in 1844 by Lt Yule, a Britisher stationed in Cherrapunjee. Also, to be screened during the one-day event will be a seven -minute documentary on the challenges faced by photographers while capturing the Mawmluh caves.

Shivakumar and Ganjam maintained that it was an eye-opening experience. Speaking to Deccan Herald, Ganjam said: “We spent three days in capturing and unravelling the caves.

The caves formed thousands of years ago are home to cave fish, Tarantula, the world’s largest spiders, cave pearls among other exotic species. The objective is to celebrate the beauty and diversity of Indian landscapes through a confluence of nature lovers and nature photographers.”  

There would also be a photo exhibition of some remarkable cave formations. Some of the features that will be covered in the photo exhibition would be the amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations along with images of delicate cave pearls which are found only inside caves.

Ganjam, who has previously captured meteor showers at Biligirirangana Betta and Western Ghats in Goa, said that they plan to hold such exhibitions every year.

The entry to the exhibition is free and will be held at National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Speakers on nature photography and conservation will also be present to talk on the beauty and importance of safeguarding the caves.