Watch award-winning children's movies from tomorrow

Watch award-winning children's movies from tomorrow

Watch award-winning children's movies from tomorrow

Starting this Saturday (January 31), award-winning children movies handpicked from different countries will be screened at the Bal Bhavan auditorium at Cubbon Park in the City.

Titled ‘Bannada Chittegalu’ (Colourful Butterflies), the festival aims at encouraging people, especially, tiny tots, to learn about the cultures of different countries. The films will be screened every Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm.

Addressing the media on Thursday, actor and Chairperson of  State Bal Bhavan Society, Bhavana said: “The event is being organised jointly by Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy (KCA) and Bal Bhavan Society. The tickets are priced at Rs 20 for children aged three years and above. Even adults can watch the movies. Another objective of this festival is to help the individuals grow as a good audience.”

KCA President and veteran director S V Rajendra Singh Babu said under the first package, they will screen 15 movies, including Indian films, for a span of seven weeks.

“The movie shown on Saturday will be screened on Sunday also to reach out to more number of people.  We will make sure that the festival will go on for months and for this, we will obtain new movies,” Babu added.

Some of the movies that would be shown during the weekend festival includes Taina (Brazil), Cindrella Moon (China), Alegalu (India), Children of Heaven (Iran), Blue Tiger (Czech Republic), In the name of Sherlock Homes (Hungary), Inuk (Greenland), Clara and the secret of the Bears (Australia), Kafal (India) among others. The first movie that would be screened on January 31 is ‘Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya,’ directed by Shilpa Ranade.

The duration of the movies run between 11 minutes and 99 minutes. There would be English subtitles provided for the international movies for the  benefit of the audience.

The children's film festival will be inaugurated on Friday by Information and Public Relations Minister Roshan Baig. Followed by it, ‘Gandhi', a film directed by Richard Attenborough, will be screened to mark the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.