Rare confluence of economic theories, art at IIMB exhibition

Last Updated 29 January 2015, 19:01 IST

Economic theories and workings of the markets are not very popular themes for artists and photographers.

However, an exhibition at the Indian Institute of management Bangalore juxtaposes these themes with art to create intriguing paintings and photographs.  

A picture of a fingerprint with a red laser sensor denotes the workings of the digital economy of the present day. Similar other paintings and photographs could be seen.

The exhibition is a part of the three-day ICIER (International Consortium for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research) - International Conference hosted by IIMB. Called ‘Art for Economy,’ it is a competition that is related to the conference’s theme of ‘Entrepreneurship Education and Training: Design, Delivery and Effectiveness’.

Speaking at the inauguration of the conference, Prof Sefano Colombo from Italy who started the initiative said: “It is very difficult to convey economic theories by means of art. However, an effort has been made here. There was a team building between a number of artists and theorists.”  
The competition is for both professional and amateur artists. About 10 works of art were selected from across the world including Bengaluru. At the end of the conference, two will be selected as winners.

The conference will also feature a panel discussion and paper presentations on the theme of entrepreneurship.

Prof Mathew Manimala of IIMB (conference director), Prof Fabio Corno, Milano Biocca University, Italy, Prof G Sabarinathan, Prof Devanath Tirupathi from IIMB were present.  

JoRn Rhode, Consul General of  Germany, who spoke on the occasion, stressed on his country’s strong industry, education base as a means of encouraging entrepreneurship.

(Published 29 January 2015, 19:01 IST)

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