Rahul Gandhi's classmate wants to serve people

Rahul Gandhi's classmate wants to serve people

Scribe and social activist, Pratyush Kanth, does not miss active journalism as he claims that he aspired to bring about change as a newspaper reporter, and now the time has come for him to put to practice, as an elected representative, his ideas for ushering in innovative and inclusive development.

Pitted against a BJP candidate who defeated his rival by a record margin of 48,526 votes, Kanth, 43, tells Rahul Chhabra that he is following the basics of politics by meeting voters personally and motivating the ground-level Congress worker.

What are the major issues in Kirari?

Roads, electricity, water and drainage system remain some of the major issues that have been overlooked in the area. The constituency still lacks some the basic amenities. The few services that are available are not enjoyed equally by all due to disparity.

Can you believe? There is not a single college in this area and only handful of senior secondary schools exist. The residents of this area do not have parks, community centres, libraries and  old age homes.  Our opponents have been busy in making tall claims and promises which they have failed to fulfil.

Will your inexperience as a public representative cause problems?

On the contrary, as a first-time legislator I will be able to bring freshness to the concept of development and public service.

What is your agenda and how can you make a difference?

My motive is to develop each and every corner of this constituency and provide people with all the basic facilities.

How has been your experience in the constituency?

I have been among the people of the constituency for last several months and have gathered from the people there are no sewers or clean drinking water in this constituency. People are frustrated with non-performers and want someone who can get down to delivering on the promises.

People say you are Rahul Gandhi’s classmate. Is that correct?

Yes, I know Rahulji. He is one of the senior most leader of our party and at best I can say I am acquainted. I have known Rahulji since my teens when we were together at the St Stephen’s College and studied in the same class for a year.

Do you think Congress stands a chance in this constituency?

I firmly believe that people of this constituency are going to vote for the Congress. People have seen the BJP and the AAP. None of these parties have stood to the expectations of their voters. The people have seen development under the 15-year rule of the Congress and at the same time they have seen the hollow promises made by the AAP and BJP.

Are you bringing in any star campaigners?

Filmstar Raj Babbar campaigned in the constituency with me on Thursday. Others star campaigners may also join the campaign.

Any message to voters?

People should vote for change but keep in mind who is going to bring the change for them. In all these years, they have been deprived of clean drinking water, proper drainage system, good roads and clean streets. Aren’t six years enough for a party to develop a constituency? As Rahulji said we will give water and electricity at the lowest possible rates, give permanent jobs to contractual workers and introduce right to shelter.

What made you join politics?

I think every individual who wants to do something good for the society must join politics.
If you want to develop this nation, our younger generation must take interest in politics. I have been writing on various issues related to corruption, education, women empowerment and child development but you can make a real difference only by working for your people, for their welfare.