Workout right, baby

Workout right, baby

Did you know that you can customise your daily workout sessions according to your body type? Neeraj Mehta shows you how to get the most out of your fitness regime.

The skeletal structure and distribution of muscles and fat varies in women. Oestrogen is a female sex hormone that plays an important role in determining the body shape.

It promotes the development of breasts, hips and affects the female body shapes in a number of ways. While for some the upper body may be quite hefty and legs thin, several other women have slim upper bodies and curvy hips.

Let us look at what kind of workout you must stick to depending on your body type:

Body type: A-shape 

Broad shoulders, large chest, narrower hips and slim thighs; fat accumulation mostly shows on abdomen, chest and face.

*  Exercise: Have a customised training for some specific area like chest, back and arms. The exercise plan should incorporate aerobic and strength training together. 

*  Sample template: One min spot running (very fast); Push ups/ full or half-20 reps; Lateral pull down-20 reps; V-sit ups-20 reps; Standing spin cycle-three min (fast and hard); Dead lift-10 reps. 

Repeat this circuit at least thrice.

Body type: Straight/Banana shape 

Less curvy, lean legs, waist is less defined, hip and bust are in balance; body is rectangular in shape. This type gains weight mostly at the torso and upper thighs.

*  Exercise: An overall strength training routine is wonderful to gain magical tone up and strength in the body, but should include high-intensity interval training to increase cardiovascular endurance. If you are performing strength training, exercise for upper and lower bodies should be done with a balance of agonist and antagonist muscles so that the body can develop in symmetry. 

One should not concentrate on any specific muscle group.

*  Sample template: Cross trainer/elliptical - five min (warm-up); Seated chest press-15 reps; Lateral pull down-15 reps; Hanging leg raises-15 reps; Super sets - three sets each; Overhead shoulder press-15 reps; Lying triceps extension-15 reps; Plank hold-one min; Super sets - three sets each; Cycle-three min (normal); Dead lift-10 reps; Lunges-15 reps each side; Super sets three-sets each.

Body type: Pear shape 

Pear-shaped women tend to be larger towards the lower body, like on the legs, hips and waistline. They can lose weight easily from face and upper body, but the challenge is to cut down weight from hips and thigh.

* Exercise: A long session of at least a 30-minute cardio workout is required. The stair climber, elliptical, incline trainer or stepper can boost fat burn during the workout.

Pear-shaped body types should add some customised strength training for the lower body like dead lift, weighted squats, lunges, high box climbing and stiff-legged squats to cut down weight from the lower body.

*  Sample template: Weighted squats -15 reps; Lunges walking - 50 reps each side; Leg curls - 15 reps; High box climbing - 30 each side. Repeat this circuit three times; 30 min cardio; add 10 minutes of incline walk on treadmill; follow this up with 10 min of stair climber; then go to elliptical for 10 min.

Body type: Hourglass shape

With a good side view of the body, this type has a rounded bottom. It has a good balance of bust and hip. Shoulders are also proportionate with bust and hips. 

*  Exercise: This type of body needs to tone-up and because of better balance of different parts, the workout can consist of cardio and strength training. Aerobic training for 30 minutes with a mixture of little interval training should be helpful.

Not hard-core weight training, but strength training for shoulders and arms need extra attention. The waist line requires twisting and intensive abdominal training.n  Sample template: 10-min interval training; Combined workout-Jerk n snatch - 15 reps; Basic crunches - 15 reps; Sprints/fast running (treadmill) 2 x 1 min x 2 times; Standing spin bike - five min.

(The author is fitness expert, nutritionist & director, GFFI Fitness Academy, Delhi)

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