Obama a perfectionist, loner, find City graphologists

Obama a perfectionist, loner, find City graphologists

Obama a perfectionist, loner, find City graphologists

Perfectionist, loner, cautious, selective listener who is frank in his viewpoint and at times, blunt when asked his opinion. These are some of the traits of US President Barack Obama, according to an analysis of his handwriting by two City-based handwriting experts. 

Dr B N Balaji Singh, Dean, Faculty of Management, and Prof Brijesh Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies from PES University, procured the handwriting sample of Obama from the visitors book at Rajghat in New Delhi, which he visited on January 25. 

The two experts, who had earlier done the handwriting analysis of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said that the pattern for analysis they had followed now was similar to the one followed for the analysis of Modi’s handwriting. 

The first thing that caught the attention of these experts was the natural ‘V’ formations at the base line, usually in ‘m’ and 'n'. This, the duo says, shows that Obama is an analytical thinker.

Obama has a tendency towards frankness, the experts maintained, pointing towards the letter ‘O’ written by Obama, without any loops. He is also a loner as revealed by no loops in ‘Y’, they added. 

“He is cautious and sensitive to criticism. At the end of the line, there are long final strokes which shows he is wary. This cautious tendency reduces any impulsive behaviour and causes him to look before leaping. Also, the looped stem in the lower case ‘d’ shows that he is sensitive to criticism,” Brijesh Singh said. 

The other qualities that are found in the US President are emotional outlay, persistence, fluidity of thoughts, concentration and self-control. He is also an ambivert, selective listener and comprehensive thinker, they said. The experts have also inferred that Obama is a perfectionist. 

“The ‘T’ bar is curved in concave shape and the base line is straight which shows that the President is a perfectionist and has self control. He has a strong inclination and tendency to be a perfectionist. This handwriting is that of a person who spends time putting everything in its place and reviews work, trying to make it precise,” Balaji Singh said. 

The experts also said that at times, Obama is a loner and needs his space and time alone. They said that both Modi and Obama are effective political leaders. A few similar qualities found among the two are perfectionism, comprehensive thinking and frankness.