'Advise legislators against encouraging flex boards'

Upa Lokayukta writes to Speaker, sends interim report to Palike
Last Updated 06 February 2015, 19:59 IST

Upa Lokayukta Justice Subhash N Adi has written to Assembly Speaker Kagodu Thimmappa urging him to advise legislators to refrain from encouraging putting up flex and banners in their respective constituencies.

“Since the Assembly is in session and also having known you as a man of principle and discipline and meant for dignity and decorum of the House, I thought I could take this opportunity to bring it to your kind notice as to how the village, town, cities are spoiled by un-controlled, reckless exhibition of banners, hoardings, flex, mainly to express support by followers of elected representatives.” 

“Out of my little experience after travelling some of the villages and cities in the state, undoubtedly there are several problems which require to be addressed. However, amongst other problems, from small gram panchayats to cities there appears to be a mad race to put up banners and hoardings wishing their leaders,” Justice Adi’s letter stated.

The Upa Lokayukta has quoted instances he witnessed during the visits to district centres in the state. 

“For example, on January 20, 2015 I had gone to Raichur city and noticed that most of the roads, circles, corners, irrespective of public or private property, were covered with one or the other banner or flex. They were mainly put up by followers of politicians. I was informed that this type of advertisements are common and such hoardings are exhibited at the instance of local political leaders. This is only a tip of iceberg, whereas in other cities situation appears to be even worse. In my considered opinion such publication exhibition is really spoiling the atmosphere. Members of Legislative Assembly are elected by people to represent them and contribute views in legislating law for the state or to bring the public grievance to the notice of the house for necessary solution. Allowing their supporters or by anyone on their behalf to indulge in violating law may badly reflect on the image of such elected representative,” the letter stated. 

‘By performance’

“I am hoping the Speaker will direct the legislators to take note of this trend. I don't know whether exhibition of their personality in violation of law would increase the popularity and enhance their image in the society. I strongly feel the popularity of the leader would be enhanced by his conduct and performance and not by mere advertisement,” Justice Adi said.

The Upa Lokayukta had recently sent his interim report to the Palike on the flex board menace in the City.

(Published 06 February 2015, 19:59 IST)

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