Bedi 'apologises' for not living up to party's expectations

Bedi 'apologises' for not living up to party's expectations

Bedi 'apologises' for not living up to party's expectations

A crestfallen BJP chief ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi, who herself suffered a shocking defeat from party's traditional bastion Krishna Nagar, today sought forgiveness from the party and workers for not living up to their expectations.

"I got all the respect and confidence of the top leaders including Narendra Modi and Amit Shah as well as ordinary party workers. But I ask for their forgiveness as I failed to to carry that confidence and responsibility," Bedi told reporters after BJP's massive defeat in Assembly elections.

"This is the first time I felt like this in my entire career as a police officer. I have never had to face such a situation," she added.

Denying that the election result was a referendum on Modi government, she said, "The Prime Minister (Modi) was not the chief ministerial candidate".

She also took to micro-blogging site Twitter saying she "gave it all" and the party will reflect on the cause of the defeat.

"Wish to thank my party leadership for having trusted me fully and apologise to every karayakarta for not living up to their expectations," she said in a tweet.

The former IPS officer said that BJP will introspect and analyse the defeat.
"I lose only when I do not give my 100% to d cause. I gave it all. My party & we will reflect on the causes of defeat! Best wishes for Delhi (sic)," she said in another tweet.
Bedi also congratulated Arvind Kejriwal on AAP's spectacular victory and expressed hope that they will fulfil the promises made to Delhiites.

"I hope Arvind and his party will now transform Delhi into a world class city and fulfil their promises by providing all the facilities to the poor as soon as possible" she said.

"When we had given a call to people for Lokpal, he (Kejriwal) was the one who came without asking for anything. Now every 24 hours will have to be turned into 2400 hours a day for the amount of work which needs to be done," she said.

Bedi also warned the AAP convenor against the 'dharna' approach. "No confrontational approach will work now. There is a need for strong collaboration. Dharnas will not work anymore," she said.

"I thank all the party workers and people of Krishna Nagar, even if they didn't accept me. I was about to bring a model of community service and cleanliness in action," she said.
Asked about her plans for working in Krishna Nagar, Bedi said, "I am a defeated candidate, I will not interfere in their work."