Stadium to get new look

Renovation at a cost of Rs 50 lakh, with latest facilities added
Last Updated 09 January 2010, 17:47 IST

It will be established with latest facilities and modern infrastructure and will be able to host all kinds of sports activities. With this, the long-pending dreams of the people of Chintamani town will be fulfilled. The renovation project, a brainchild of Chintamani MLA Dr M C Sudhakar, is being implemented at a cost of Rs 50 lakh.

All the renovation works are going on, in full speed and at present, the construction of steps is being undertaken.  Infact, Chintamani town boasts of a stadium located right in the heart of the town, which perhaps no other town in undivided Kolar district can boast of. This has proved to be a boon for the people of Chintamani town. Sportspersons and students can use the stadium, thanks to its easy accessibility. Hundreds of youths can make use for various sports activities, for the fact that it is right in the heart of the town. Women and elders alike use it for their jogging and walking purposes, early in the morning.

Jurisdiction changed

In the year 1994, former minister Chowdareddy, thanks to his foresightedness, decided to shift the stadium from the jurisdiction of the Zilla Panchayat to the Department of Youth Services and Sports. In order to ensure that the stadium generated continuous revenue, he made facilities to construct 102 shops at the stadium premises and rented them out. It is a matter of pride to note that, if all the stadiums in Kolar district come under the limits of the Zilla Panchayat, only the Jhansi Rani Lakshmibai stadium comes under the jurisdiction of the Department of Youth Services and Sports.

Yet the stadium had its own drawbacks. During the rainy season, it used to get converted into a small pond. This was making it difficult for the people to use it.  After Dr M C Sudhakar became an MLA, he undertook the task of improving and renovating it. Phase by phase, he prepared a masterplan and a blueprint, based on which the project is being implemented.

At present, measures have been taken to ensure that the water did not stand in puddles. The rainwater will be henceforth systematically collected and drained off. A jogging has been constructed in the stadium at a cost of Rs 5 lakh.

Power supply

Infact the electric poles installed in the stadium, meant to supply electric power have been shifted. With this, the shops in the stadium used to function in the dark. An amount of Rs 14 lakh dues, in the form of rent is supposed to be collected from the shops. The MLA ensured that these shops were provided with power supply and most of the dues have been collected from the shopkeepers. However, an amount Rs 1.5 lakh due is yet to be recovered.

Thanks to the untiring efforts made by Dr Sudhakar, an amount of Rs 50 lakh was sanctioned under the 12th financial plan of the Central government. In the first phase, football, volleyball and cricket court will be constructed.  Steps are being constructed for the sportspersons and the public to watch the games. Roof is being installed at the pavilion.

In the second phase, skating, high and long jump, tennis court will be constructed. As per the blueprint, the implementation of the second phase of works will require an amount of about Rs two crore. Seven rows of steps are being constructed around the stadium. This stadium is going to be a great contribution for the people of Chintamani town in general and also, for the youths in particular, Dr Sudhakar expresses.

Revise rents

An amount of Rs 300 had been fixed towards rent to the stadium shops, long back. With the provision of providing electric supply to the stadium shops and with the construction of steps in the stadium, these shops are now all more spacious and comfortable.

In this backdrop, the sportspersons are of the opinion that the rents of the shops should be revised and the annual income, keeping in view the development of the stadium, should be targeted to Rs three lakh atleast, the feel.

(Published 09 January 2010, 17:47 IST)

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