Untimely rains in C'magalur worry farmers again

Untimely rains in C'magalur worry farmers again

Future of coffee, paddy uncertain in dist

Untimely rains in C'magalur worry farmers again

It rained heavily in the last part of December, and there was a small gap as the new year started. Having a sigh of relief, the farmers had spread paddy on their courtyards for drying. However, it was a shock for them when it rained unexpectedly on Sunday afternoon. It has been apprehended that the untimely rains would affect the coming year’s coffee yield too.

In Koppa

Paddy corns of a couple of farmers in Harandoor got spoiled due to unexpected rains in and around Koppa on Sunday. Both paddy and hay were damaged in the rains since farmers were separating paddy from hay. The paddy yield had been affected in field itself due to the previous rainfall. The situation got worsened further due to the Sunday’s rains.

In Balehonnur

Cloudy climate prevailed in and around Balehonnur for the past few days causing apprehension among the farmers. Their worry proved true with heavy rains lashing the region on Sunday.

Farmers had incurred huge losses due to the untimely rains about 8-10 days ago. They were trying to procure the remaining yield, and the Sunday’s rain has discouraged them further.

Coffee plants had bloomed due to previous rains. If it rains again, the flowers will be destroyed affecting the coming year’s yield.  Since it was the weekly market day, both merchants and customers experienced inconvenience due to the unexpected rains.