'Social media week' from today

'Social media week' from today

The City goes social again with the fourth edition of Social Media Week (SMW) in India with the theme being ‘Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of The Connected Class’ from Monday.

 Sessions through the week will explore the dynamic ways of how social media strategy is converging in multicultural market and how mobility devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones, along with social technology, have transformed the way people work. This international festival is hosted twice a year.

Monday and Friday will see the event being hosted at The Leela Palace while the mid-week sessions will be held at various venues, including News Café, and Big Pitcher, Total Yoga Oneness Centre, Loft 38, Take 5, and WeSchool Bangalore. SMW’15 February edition is scheduled simultaneously across the world in seven cities – Bengaluru, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Jakarta, Lagos, Milan and New York.

On the agenda of SMW Bengaluru are a panel discussion on ‘Brand Reputation and Crisis: Weathering Twitter Storm,’ workshops on ‘Social Media for Travel Marketing’, masterclass on ‘Viral Campaigns’, integrated social media marketing, talks on ‘Growth Hacking for Starts up’, ‘Brand Identity in Digital, Career in Social Media’ and many more.

Social Media Week has partnered with the Bengaluru City Traffic Police (BCTP) and started an online campaign titled ‘#ImTheChange’ encouraging citizens to click pictures, shoot videos and share their pledges towards road safety on the SMW page. The campaign has already received over 3,000 pledges and has created social buzz.