Effectively tracking the route

Effectively tracking the route

Parents in the City can now heave a sigh of relief for a slew of integrated child and school bus tracking systems are now available in the market.

These devices can be fit into school buses and help in effectively tracking the route of the school vans and buses.

Popular among the equipment are ‘GPS Northstar’ and ‘OSS Tracking systems’ and many school buses in the City have already been fit with these devices which ensure the safety and security of children.
Founded in June 2009 as the first product of Magnasoft’s group, GPS Northstar is the idea of Bobbie Kalra and Shyam Ramamurthy. “We started research in 2009-10. As parents, we always felt the need for such an equipment. We conceptualised the idea in 2010-11
and after one-and-a-half years, we came up with the first prototype,” says
Bobbie Kalra, the CEO of the company.

This equipment which is considered a blessing to the school authorities, is not just a regular GPS device that helps with directions.

This is a tracking system that monitors rash driving, misuse of school bus and its fuel, keeps parents and school authorities updated with the expected time of arrival at a particular stop and also commands an alert message in case of a delay when reporting on undesignated stops. This has a safety black box that is placed inside the bus, which cannot be tampered with by the drivers.

“We had reports where drivers tried tampering with it by pouring water. But
there are other sensor integrated devices in the black box that sends an
immediate alert command n case of tampering,” he says.

The device is equipped with modern technology where the CCTV footage can not only be viewed after mounting the SD card on laptops but can be accessed immediately on mobile DVR systems.

“Parents can get a live feed of the movement inside the bus as and when required. They can also play the recorded visuals based on routes and make sure that their child is safe,” he says.

Another similar equipment is ‘OSS GPS tracking solutions’ that gives you the real time location of your child while travelling in school buses. Just an SMS from the registered phone number and one can receive the location information of the bus immediately.

Be it overspeeding, ragging, or bullying, the device also stores retrievable data, if the vehicle goes beyond the network area. Having the same features as that of GPS Northstar, this system also has an option for geo-fencing, wherein a geographical boundary can be set for the school bus, after which an alert message is sent via an SMS.

Parents will also get an SMS when the school bus is due for servicing. Started
a year ago after the increasing crime rate in the City’s schools, OSS has been
bought by 15 schools and s fit into their buses.

With the strict rule of installation of CCTVs in school premises and with the introduction of such safety GPS systems, the schools will definitely become a second home for the kids, with safety being given the utmost priority.

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