'DJing is a balancing act'

'DJing is a balancing act'

'DJing is a balancing act'

Entertaining the masses for over two decades now, DJ Rohit Barker has a lot to boast of. From MC to VJ, RJ to DJ, he has been a free-spirited gypsy in the music world.

An impassioned lover of music, he says, “Music has been my world since childhood. I have been brought up in a family that loved music and I have grown up with it.”

Starting his career as an RJ in All India Radio, he reminisces saying, “I saw an add for the post of radio jockey in All India Radio. I tried my luck and landed there as an RJ. I remember working there for a salary of Rs 150. I was a 16-year-old then.”

A passionate young boy, he then went on to become a VJ and achieved success with his charming looks and wit. But he did not settle for just that. His journey continued to explore his strengths, and he had his first professional swoop with Radio Indigo. A highly sought-after RJ, he is now known as one of the best DJs in the country who can make the crowd go insane with his choice of Electronic Dance Music. 

Working with Ivan, one of renowned DJs in the country, he says, “Ivan is among the very first DJs who fascinated me. I was MCing before DJing and I pretty much knew what went where and how. It has been an incredible journey with Ivan who has shaped the genre of EDM in the country. We hosted one of the biggest music shows on radio for the longest time and it feels great and rewarding. Ivan has influenced me greatly as a DJ.”

Known to host one of the biggest music festivals, ‘Sunburn’ in Goa, he says, “I used to host ‘Sunburn’ with Nikhil Chinapa who is my life-long friend. We both have grown up together and explored the world of music. We have hosted ‘Supersonic’ together too. Hosting these festivals is a riot. But it is a platform where we get to meet international DJs. It is the coming together of like-minded people and it has helped us build a connection with many international talents.”

The youngster has never failed to entertain the masses, be it behind the mike as an RJ or behind the console as a DJ. He says, “It is the passion that has never let me down. All the success I have achieved roots back to my passion and love for music. I just love what I do and it is hard to lose something when you are deeply passionate about it.” 

A favoured DJ, he has never left his audience disappointed. “I always try to play music that no one has heard before. DJing is a balancing act where you have to know your audience and at the same time play the best music.”

Talking about the ethics of DJing, he says, “A true performer is the one who takes up DJing for the love of music. DJing is not about being cool or making money. It is communicating with the audience. While swag is definitely an X factor, it is the substance that you play that has a great impact.” 

Known to be one among the DJs who revolutionised EDM culture in the country, he sums up saying, “EDM cult is exploding in the country. It has become a mainstream music. The love you get from the audience here is also unparalleled. They are friendly audience who enjoy grooving to Electronic Dance Music.”

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