By the river Cauvery

Mudukutore is one of the most scenic places near Talakad what with lofty hills, majestically flowing river, and a beautiful temple at the summit of a hill called Somagiri, which is at a height of 250 ft.

It is said that this temple belongs to the period of Gangas. Built on a huge rocky platform, it has a compound and a large tower at the entrance, with the Cauvery flowing alongside. There is also a Mallikarjuna temple built in the spacious courtyard. A small door leads us into the navaranga which is spacious with many circular and dwarfish stone pillars. On descending from the hill, en route, you can find a temple of Kalabhairava and a mantapa. At the foot of the hill is a shrine for Basaveswara, small mantapas, shops and hotels. During January-February an annual fair for a week is held here, apart from a cattle fair. Situated by the river Cauvery, Mudukutore is an excellent weekend getaway. Mudukutore is just four kms from Talakad. The other places of interest nearby include T Narasipura, Somanathapura and Shivanasamudra

Ashok Uchangi

Whither Tumkur’s water bodies?

Tumkur district had as many as 2,000 tanks a few decades ago. They catered to the irrigation needs of 65,000 hectares of land. Today, thanks to encroachment of these water bodies, the tanks are all disappearing one by one. Today, they just remain on paper. The historic Amanikere that is located in the heart of Tumkur has been reduced to a garbage dump, owing to the apathy of local authorities. But, thanks to some help from the state and central governments, the tank is being rejuvenated. The tank area is being converted into a tourism spot at a cost of Rs 13.5 crore. Work on the project is making progress.

K M Santosh Kumar