Snapping out of snappy nature

Snapping out of snappy nature

The human habit of snapping at someone, i.e. saying something in a tad abrasive way, tinged with asperity, is a commonly witnessed phenomenon these days. Thanks to our busily engineered life, that has us juggling and multitasking with myriad tasks/activities all through our waking hours. The fallout of which are our high-level stress and low-level tensile strength, which is making our patience level to pathetically decline.

Apparently in such scenario, it isn’t surprising to see people sliding into this snappy mode, snapping at virtually everyone around. Ironically, people bearing the maximum brunt of these snapping onslaughts from snappers are those closely related them.

Interestingly, these snap-happy people can be pigeonholed in two particular categories. The first category comprises those who have in them a rather benign case of snapping. Here, their innocuous snappiness is seen only in spurts, which doesn’t stay longer. Maybe it’s their emotional upheavals, stemming from the angst over completing the day-to-day tasks, both on the domestic front and the workplace, which tries sparking these snappy spasms in them.

In fact, even the most amiable, amicable and endearing folks, too, many times tend to get caught in this snare of snappy mood. But that would be only for a few fleeting moments. Hence, their snappiness can be condoned, as none can be expected to be in a perpetual composed and collected frame of mind.

But there is that second category of pathological snappers for whom the habit of snapping is something inherent, hence an incurable malady. These grumpy lots are those spitfire brands, spewing brimstones and snapping at just the drop of a pin.

They simply are unable to utter even a single syllable in a refined, polished and polite manner. It makes one wonder why are these crabby-minded folks suffer from such a chronic case of snapping ailment. What these people don’t understand is that by adopting such snappy tones, they’d be unwittingly vitiating the ambience around, thereby drifting away from humans. Particularly in these stress-fraught times, when there is that strong need to weave a sturdy human web around us. So, it’s time these snappers realised that, after all, people get gravitated towards the ones with smiling countenance.

Interestingly, these ever-snapping grouchy lots, instead of redeeming, they rationalise their ways by saying, “We know we are nasty, but this is how we are!” Little do they realise that they can turn the people doubly nasty and distance themselves forever. Apparently, these snappers can’t expect people to have high levels of patience, which they themselves are shorn of.           

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