More money to build police stations

More money to build police stations

The allocation for Delhi Police in the Union Budget has been raised by more than 10 per cent, taking the amount to Rs 5,372.88 crore.

This includes an over 60 per cent hike in allocation for constructing police buildings. In addition, funding for accommodation for police personnel has been increased.
Of the total amount, Rs 390 crore was earmarked for Plan and Rs 4,979.48 crore for Non-Plan expenditure.

The budget for Delhi Police in the fiscal year 2014-15 was 5036.47 crore.
Under the revised budget estimates, this came down to Rs 4865.30 crore. This amount has now been raised by Rs 507 crore.

Rs 15 crore has been set aside purely for developing a better traffic system for the national capital region ‘mega cities’ and installing traffic signals in the capital.

For better coordination of traffic in the mega cities, the budget allocated this fiscal year is Rs 7 crore, as against Rs 1.82 crore in revised estimates the last time.
The funds allocated to Delhi Police from the Nirbhaya Fund have been increased by Rs 40 lakh to Rs 3.40 crore.

The need for greater CCTV camera coverage, women helpline numbers and web applications, among others, was realised after a woman was gang-raped by five men in a moving bus in 2012.

This fund also includes a scheme which will allow for better coordination between vans and the police control room upon receiving a distress signal.

A major increase is seen in the allocation for the construction of residential accommodation for the Delhi Police personnel.

As compared to Rs 62.49 crore in 2014-15, this time the sum allocated for this purpose was put at Rs 95 crore.

 The govenment has increased the amount for construction of other buildings for the Delhi Police, from Rs 152.02 to Rs 246.5 crore this year.

Currently, some police stations even run from tents,
The money for training the policemen has been raised from last fiscal year’s Rs 2.4 crore to Rs 3 crore this time.

The allocation is meant for routine expenses as well as for various schemes that would be implemented by the Delhi Police.
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