NICE will get land only as per original pact, says AG

NICE will get land only as per original pact, says AG

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NICE will get land only as per original pact, says AG

Contacted by Deccan Herald on Monday, Harnahalli said successive governments had handed over about 7,000 acres land to NICE. The BJP government had till now sanctioned just an additional 230 acres of land to the company. As per the framework agreement, the government has to give 20,1093 acres, including both toll roads and townships, he added.

The Advocate General said the Kumaraswamy Government in 2006 wanted to change the road alignment near Gottigere, but the promoter challenged it in the Karnataka High Court. The court ordered in favour of NICE. Later, the SC also upheld the HC order in this regard.

BMIC road alignment, including peripheral road, link road and express way, has been finalised as per the Outline Development Plan (ODP) of the BMICPA approved by the Government in 2004. The OPD was prepared based on the framework agreement, he said.

The road alignment should be according to the ouline development plan, that had been upheld by the court. “Now the JD(S) is arguing that the alignment should be as per the framework agreement. This is absurd and we cannot distort facts”, he said. Referring to Deve Gowda’s diatribe against him and the Chief Minister, the Advocate General said, “The project was conceived by Gowda. Now he wants a modified road alignment. I am here to guide the government as per the Constitution. My conscience is clear.”

CM to sue Gowda

K Diwakar, the legal adviser to the CM, is contemplating filing either a civil or a criminal defamation case agianst Deve Gowda.

On Sunday, Gowda while abusing the CM, also dubbed Diwakar as a ‘Sunday lawyer’ (a lawyer without clients). Diwakar told DHNS on Monday that in his individual capacity he was planning to sue Gowda. “My feelings are hurt. I am a successful lawyer. I will discuss with the BJP before resorting to legal recourse,” he said.