Disability is created by self

Disability is created by self

Nobody is miserable because of a disability. Suppose you had only one hand, one hand less wouldn't make you miserable.  It is just that everybody else has two hands, you have only one; that makes you miserable.  One hand less, does it cause misery?   What causes misery is: everybody else has two, I have only one.

So a disease or a disability, fundamentally, doesn't cause misery.  It creates a certain physical situation.  Misery is caused by you.  Misery is always self created.  Situations are happening, some situations the way you like it, some situations the way you don't like it, some the way you can handle it, some the way you cannot handle it, this is how life is happening.  But misery is caused by you. 

Disability can be physical and mental. A mentally retarded person never suffers; it is other people's attitude towards him which makes him suffer. By himself, he doesn't suffer; actually he is more joyful than most other people, or he just doesn't know what's happening. It is your attitude towards him: you constantly remind him that he is not normal, which makes him unhappy, which makes him miserable. 

So misery is not caused by any situations. Every situation that you cannot handle, if you want to make yourself miserable, then you will have lots of opportunities. Now, disabled people are not miserable by themselves.  Because they have no idea of what is what, all of you are creating an opinion that, they are not okay.  That may make them miserable. 

If you just see, some people come with two hands, some people come with one hand, some come with this big a brain, some come with this small a brain; it is all a part of nature; what best we can do with them, we do. There would be no misery in disability. If you allow your humanity to function rather than your prejudice, then there would be no misery in disability.  Misery is caused by you because you're unconscious of what you're doing.  Because the basic faculties in you - your mind and body - are not in your control, that's why you are causing misery.

What about all the people who have all their  limbs intact and are still miserable?  Look at your life and see, everything is right for you, but still how many moments in your twenty four hours?  Very few, isn't it?  So misery is not because of disability, but rather caused by the individual.

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