A sloppy take on social reality

A sloppy take on social reality

A sloppy take on social reality

Ondu Romantic Crime Kathe

Kannada (U/A) ¬¬Cast: Arun, Ashwani Chandrashekar, Sonal Banerjee, Poojashree, Achyut Kumar, Priyanka ShuklaDirector: Shyam J Chaitanya
Films, aver their makers, mirror social reality. Sadly, they do not. Ostentatiously made to further their interests, directors glorify societal malaise to rake in moolah. 
Instead of tastefully dealing with themes, they pepper their pathetic plotline with crudity and baseness. 

Director Shyam J Chaitanya is no different. He makes a mish-mash of Ondu Romantic Crime Kathe, which, its tagline insists “every parent, every student must watch.” 

From girls indulging in drunken binge, promiscuity and bawdy talk to boys taking to chain-snatchings, bloody murders for providing luxurious lifestyles, Ondu Romantic Crime Kathe is the pits. 

The film, a remake of the Telugu original, has us believe that it is depicting modern-day girls going the extra mile to conform to hep demands, only to fall for wily boys. 

And the boys have no better pastime than surfing porn, making sex tapes, blackmailing and committing murders to better their and their partner’s lifestyles. Lurid and loathsome, Ondu Romantic Crime Kathe is utter drivel. 

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