Hotel room boy flashes at American woman

Hotel room boy flashes at American woman

A woman from the US went through an embarrassing situation at a reputable hotel in Seshadripuram here when an underage room boy flashed at her on Wednesday.

The 40-year-old victim from New Jersey delayed making a complaint to the police because, according to her, she wanted to consider all her options. Acting promptly, police arrested the room boy. A senior officer confirmed the incident to Deccan Herald and said the jurisdictional police arrested the boy and sent him to the juvenile home where he would be kept until March 19.

The woman had arrived in Bengaluru a few weeks ago. She had booked a room in the said hotel and everything went on smoothly for the first few days. The suspect, who often watched the woman’s movements, is said to have felt attraction to her.

On Wednesday, realising that the woman was alone in her room, the boy sneaked in but she remained oblivious of his entry. It was only a while later did she notice the intruder who was gawking at her by then.

The woman got angry and scolded him for entering the room with permission. The boy claimed he had been ordered to serve her tea and hence had turned up. But the American didn’t believe him and said he had cooked up an excuse. She asked him to leave immediately.

But the boy, the police went on, stayed put. The woman threatened to complain to the hotel management. Then all of a sudden, the boy pulled his trousers down and flashed at her. He left the room shortly thereafter, leaving the victim nonplussed.

Formal plaint lodged

The woman told the police it took her a while to come to terms with the incident, after which she complained to the hotel management. A day later, she approached the police and lodged a formal complaint.

According to the police, the hotel management hadn’t checked the boy’s background before hiring him a few months ago. The management told the police there were not complaints against him earlier. Police said they were investigating whether the boy has a criminal record.