'People equally responsible for backwardness'

'People equally responsible for backwardness'

Writer and film director Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar said that people were as responsible as politicians and officials for Mandya district not achieving progress as expected after its bifurcation from the undivided Mysuru district 75 years ago.

Chairing the 13th district-level Kannada literary meet, held at Pandava Stadium, here, on Saturday, during the inaugural session, he said that the development works taken up by the then ruler Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar were still fresh in the minds of the people, because no similar projects had been executed since then.

While the governments are appeasing the people by doling out popular schemes like Anna Bhagya, instead of providing adequate power and water supply to revive agriculture, people have become selfish and approach either politicians or officials to get only their personal works done, he said.

“Even if 50 per cent of the funds released by the governments reach the villages and the people, great strides can be seen in progress. But, due to the interference by politicians and officials, farmers and labourers have lost their livelihood, while women have found some solace by working in garment industries,” Chandrasekhar said.

Stating that literature, which stayed detached from the problems of the people, was of no use, he said that writers should realise their responsibilities. 

“I am a writer first. I tried cinema out of curiosity. Now, I belong to both mediums. I try to reflect the society in both media,” he said.

Platinum jubileeRecalling the platinum jubilee celebrations of the formation of Mandya district, held recently, he said that all activities were restricted to Sir M Visvesvaraya Stadium, the venue of the event. “It was a rare opportunity for any district, to introspect and renew plans for progress. But, it was a missed opportunity, as the observation was limited to celebrations, which gave momentary happiness to the people,” he said. He also said that problems of each taluk in the district should have been debated to arrive at solutions, and that all stakeholders should have been involved in chalking out a blueprint for the district.

Writer Narahalli Balasubramanyam inaugurated the meet, while past chairman of the meet K Bhyravamurthy demanded that the resolutions passed in the earlier meet be implemented.