'I want roles that challenge me'

'I want roles that challenge me'

'I want roles that challenge me'

It’s not always that actresses get to work on scripts that revolve around them but Kriti Kharbanda has been quite fortunate to get scripts that are women-centric.

Kriti has agreed to act in the sequel of ‘Sanju Weds Geetha’ and has also bagged a role opposite Ram Charan in a Telugu film. She is contemplating signing a couple more projects in Kannada.
 “I’ve worked on five Telugu films thus far but I think I’ve been luckier in the Kannada film industry and have a lot of offers coming from here. The roles are also not too bad but now I yearn to go beyond playing romantic roles, running around trees and looking pretty. I want roles that challenge me,” confesses the young actress.

Kriti doesn’t believe in reeling out names of prospective movie offers and doesn’t want to rest on speculation.

“I am actually a very superstitious person and I don’t want to get talking about things until they actually take off. I started believing in this after one of the projects, that I had signed, fell apart because the producer backed out at the last moment,” she explains.

She recalls how the film was an off-beat one and that if she had the financial resources she would have produced it herself.

“I understand that most producers look for profit when they sink in their money but commercial projects don’t always have to be the way forward. Producers must consider producing movies around off beat subjects as well,” she adds.

On how Kriti agreed to work on a Telugu project, she says,“I realised that the role offered opposite Ram Charan is a substantial one where I am present from the first shot right until the last one. It’s the kind of visibility any actress would want,” she adds.

She also holds high regards for the technical team and says that they best have been roped in to make sure the film is technically a sound one.

“I am not saying that this particular character is one-of-a-kind but I think one’s choice to work on some characters could change one’s life forever and I think this could be one of them,” she sums up.