'Stage actors love listening to their voice'

'Stage actors love listening to their voice'

'Stage actors love listening to their voice'

Rahul Bose has done it again. The intelligent actor has proved why he is not a run-of-the-mill Bollywood star. He will be playing the role of a businessman in ‘Niruttara’, his debut in Kannada, which is being directed by Apoorva Kasaravalli and says he took up the project for the sheer love of the character.

“I can’t imagine working in a project that I don’t dub for. I am familiar with a bit of Tamil but Kannada is totally new to me. But I realised that it is not as tough as I thought it would be. I sat with Apoorva to perfect the pronunciation,” says Rahul, who played a pivotal role in the Tamil film, ‘Vishwaroopam’. 

His only condition was that he wanted to dub for the film. Rahul observes that his eagerness to dub stems from his background in theatre.

“When you are on stage, you tend to give a lot of importance to diction and stage actors love listening to their voice. That’s when I decided that only if I could dub for myself in a film, would I go ahead and do it,” he says.

Rahul is choosy when it comes to projects. He takes his time and doesn’t rush into anything. That’s the reason why he has delivered stunning performances in films like ‘Mr and Mrs Iyer’, ‘English August’ and ‘Japanese Wife’.

As for ‘Niruttara’, Rahul says that he was sure his choice of project would never go wrong. He confesses that he had complete faith in Apoorva’s sensibility after he scanned through the script.
Working with Apoorva has been an enlightening experience, feels Rahul.

The many insightful, well-informed conversations that the duo had during the film shoots and after contributed all the more to the film.

“I was asked by a lot of people when I first started working in regional films why I was moving away from mainstream cinema. For me, what matters the most is good stories, directors and script. Money is important but there are some movies that I do for my satisfaction,” explains Rahul.