People's problems

People's problems

Bescom helplines not functioning
Bescom’s two helpline numbers 1912 & 22873333 which were functioning successfully till last week have abruptly been stopped. Whenever the numbers called we get a message saying “this number does not exist.”

The helplines were of utmost help and there used to be good response from them. The Bescom should not have discontinued such a consumer-friendly measure. It helps the common man who cannot afford smart phones or the one who is not well-versed with Apps. The authorities concerned are requested to activate the phone numbers at the earliest.
N Raghunandan

Road in poor state
The road leading to Vidyaranyapura from Doddabommasandra is in a deplorable condition. One has to travel with great discomfort for the back. Drivers are put into hardship. Cars parked and garbage dumped on the sides add to the problem. Hope the authorities will take up the repair work at the earliest.
K G Shankar

Ply more BMTC buses
Ply more BMTC buses to Shivajinagar from Soundarya Layout, Meenakashi Layout and Bonemill. Only one bus is plying from Thammenahalli to Shivajinagar (250V). Residents of Soundarya Layout, Meenakashi Layout and Bonemill are facing a lot of problem as there are no buses from these areas to Shivajinagar in the mornings (between 6 am and 7 am).

A year ago BMTC cancelled the lone bus service, that was plying in the morning hours between Chikkabanavara to Shivajinagar (250-W). Recently they removed another bus service from Thammenahalli to Shivajinagar (250X). We request the BMTC authorities to provide buses at regular intervals of 15 minutes especially in the morning for office goers.
Dasam Venkata Reddy, Soundarya Layout

Drain on footpath
Drainage waste is thrown on the footpath near the 1st Cross, Cambridge Layout, opposite a private departmental store. The whole place stinks badly and vehicles are parked on footpath with no traffic police to take action against them. Please take necessary action against the concerned persons, so that the elderly and small kids can walk on the footpath comfortably.
Padma, Cambridge Layout

Stray dog menace
Stray dog menace has become rampant at 62nd Cross, Bhashyam Circle, Rajajinagar. It has become very difficult to walk on the road in the morning. Children are facing problem in going to their tuition classes. A pack of eight to ten street dogs bark at passersby and chase the pedestrians. The authorities concerned are requested to take immediate action.
Rajesh, Rajajinagar

Burning garbage affecting health
Everyday, the dustbins around BHEL Layout, next to the Hanuman Temple, PattAnagere and in the Rajarajeshwarinagar area are set on fire. The burning garbage, plastic waste and dry leaves emit a foul smell for hours, which is a health hazard for the people, children and the aged around. If the garbage is not set on fire it remains uncleared for days. The authorities themselves are involved in creating this nuisance. Please look into the issue immediately.
Arvind S, Rajarajeshwarinagar

Meat waste in the open
There are two butcher shops in Seshadripuram, near the post office, that dump their waste in the open. They are housed in cement sheds constructed in the centre of the pavement, thanks to the BBMP.

Recently the BBMP demolished the old market next to the police station and housed all the vendors on this pavement by constructing sheds, ignoring the difficulties of pedestrians and the residents. These shops dump their waste behind their shop. Crows and kites carry this waste onto the terraces of houses in the vicinity.

Dogs come here to feed on the waste and pose a danger to the pedestrians, schoolchildren and the early morning walkers in the adjacent Seshadripuram Park.

We request the authorities to prevent the shops from dumping their waste in the open. We fail to understand how the BBMP constructed nearly 20 cement sheds on the pavement to house these displaced vendors in spite of a High Court order asking the BBMP to remove encroachments.
They could have been accommodated in the adjacent vacant BBMP ground. But the vendors have now not only occupied the entire footpath but about 25 feet of the road putting everyone at risk. Hope the authorities look into this.
Aggrieved citizens, Seshadripuram

Traffic signal not working
The traffic signal installed near the Bangalore University quarters has stopped functioning for more than nine months. Chaos on the road has become order of the day, particularly during peak hours.
The traffic police have not been efficient in managing traffic here. The officials concerned should take note of the problem and swing into action at the earliest.
Narayana C N, Bangalore University

Asphalt this road
The condition of the 5th Main Road, Kempegowda Nagar (Behind More Mega Store, Bull temple Road) is pathetic. It has become a nuisance for motorists to traverse the road. I request the authorities concenred to re-asphalt the road immediately.

Instal traffic signals
We always take action only when someone dies, which is what happened near Hebbal recently. Something like that can be avoided on the Kanakapura Road near the KSIT college, if the authorities take appropriate action.

Kanakapura Road has become the hub of education and many residential houses/apartments have come up here recently. The traffic density too has increases with the BDA layouts (Banashankari 6th Stage and Anjanapura) in the area. In addition, many trucks carrying construction materials ply in the area due to the construction activities in the nearby areas.

There are two junctions where the authorities have to take immediate action. One is the junction near the KSIT College which leads to the BDA 80 Feet Road and the other is near Sharma Transport which leads to the BDA 100 Feet Road. Traffic signals and speed breakers are an immediate need here just to stop the mindless driving. Hope the authorities concerned are prudent in being proactive here.
Raghavendra Udupa, Banashankari 6th Stage.

Civic problems galore here
I am a resident of the Doddakkammanahalli village, to the west of Begur Ward No 192 between Gottigere and Kammanahalli Road, near the Brahmakumari Ashram. For the last eight years, the BBMP has not carried out any of the necessary civic works here.

Drainage work which started by end of 2014 was abandoned after the initial work. Cauvery water is not available here.

The drainage system is incomplete at the Doddakkammanahalli old village area and does not connect layouts such as BK Residency, Lakshmi Layout and IPS Colony. The roads are in very bad shape as most of them have not been asphalted.

Only six buses operate from here and there is no scheduled for them. In the afternoons, the buses ply in a convoy once every three or four hours.
P N Achuthan

Roads in Richmo­nd Town neglected
Kingston Road, Wellington Street, Myrtle Lane and Alexandra Street in Richmond Town are in a terrible condition due to a long period of neglect.

What aggravates the problems of motorists and pedestrians on these roads is the erratic parking, the fruit and vegetable carts and the garbage on footpaths and at intersections. Peak hours, in particular, are a nightmare. Urgent action by the BBMP and by the traffic police is called for.
H Vaz, Richmond Town

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