Vibrant hues take form on her canvas

Vibrant hues take form on her canvas

The urge of human beings to express thoughts is inevitable and of course artists do the same creatively. ‘Chromatic Statement’, a group exhibition comprising works of four women artists, is a similar initiative.

Anita Trihan, Manju Narain, Nira Davar and Neeru Suri’s work presents their own styles and present creative statements through impressive canvases painted in colours of their choice.
Through ages, art has been the best way to present extraordinary views. The nature and things around us always inspire us to enrich our thoughts and our creativity coming from within helps to absorb these inspirations.

Be it monochromatic approach by Manju Narain, use of select colour palette by Anita Trehan and Neera Dabar or Neeru Suri’s sculptural representation. This show is an amalgamation of thoughts and emotions which can be artistically expressed only by a sensible handling in various mediums.

While Narain’s sensitive and introspective approach explores a penchant for the unusual and thought provoking images, her works depict strange innocent beings. Looking like illustrative fairytale creatures, trapped silently within claustrophobic gardens and mazes, the figures created by her are as if striving for some means of escape and true expression. In reality, the artist attempts to express her genuine reactions and observations as her personal path towards catharsis.

In contrast, Davar uses mystique hues to create her own dreamland. Her approach is quite colourful yet turns out to be a subdued representation of thoughts. Her works are full of energy and charm. She creates soothing and gentle forms, without much of a sharp contrast and her canvases thus become welcoming!

A look at the play with human forms and Trehan’s work that makes use of selective colours shines bright. Her mature presentation of her subject proves her skill and presents her forte as an artist. Takes the viewers on a journey to the unknown landscape of human imagination, through her painting, Trehan intentionally leaves a lot of space for intuition.

When one talks of forms and the artist is a female, then the various moods of the feminine energy cannot be overlooked. Suri depicts these varied moods and forms of women, which are very close to her heart, in her own style. Since metal is her favourite medium, she explores a woman’s life and her different roles through the same. Suri’s sculptures represent her own form that experiments with imagination.

It is due to this diversity in approaching the same subject that the exhibition is successful in bringing a collection of works that are thought-provoking and ignite curiosity.
Chromatic Statement is on display at Studio 55, Sunder Nagar till March 20.

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