A herb that can save you this summer

What is so great about golgappas? They create a breezy sensation on your palate. Among other things, it's the magic of mint – that's so welcome during the hot summers.

But mint is not restricted to golgappas. It is used in different cuisines in a specific proportions, as seasoning to add taste.  And it's Metrolife interviews various chefs to understand how they use mint in their food.

Chef Shashikant of Pamphilos, a newly launched restaurant in Greate Kailash-1 says, “Mint works easily with both sweet and savoury. Mint is a universal ingredient and can be used in every cuisine, whether it’s in Greek, Thai, Italian or Asian food. You can add it to basil pesto or make a straight mint pesto with a few nuts, garlic, chillies, oil and skipping the cheese for extra health benefits. Throw the whole torn leaves in a salad, not just as seasoning but as an ingredient.”

And how can one forget mint chutney, which is the best dip for barbeque food. “Any vegetarian or non vegetarian starter is incomplete without mint and coriander chutney,”says Chef Sunil Tomar from Storm Bar and Grill.

“While many people mistake it for a simple toss-in to their tea, cocktail or ice cream, mint is also great in everyday meals. It also enriches and adds a subtle flavour to many savoury dishes such as fish, meat, sauces, dressings and desserts,” says Tomar.

Not just restricted to savoury, mint finds its place in desserts too. Chef Karan Talwar from Kitchen Kraft Catering Co says, “Mint Chocolate Cookie is a devastatingly sweet treat. Since it has a cooling property, you can make the best drinks for summers, mint lemonade. This mocktail that can easily cool you down, requires lemon, mint, sugar and salt and the quarter-cup of mint leaves mixed together for a perfect concoction.”

This herb has health benefits too. Chef Niraj from Sufiaana, says, “Mint has one of the highest antioxidant properties. It retains moisture and, therefore, keeps baked goods from getting dry and stale. Mint is also a natural cleanser which exfoliates your skin to bring out a radiant and glowing complexion.”

So next time, when you feel too hot and get those mood swings, you can add mint to your menu.

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