Study in india

Study in india

Dear Sir,

My son is studying in 11th standard and training for IIT-JEE. Inspired by the Mock United Nations Programme (MUN), he wants to study international relations. Could you suggest some colleges for this subject? Does this field have any scope? What are the kind of job opportunities he could get here? But he is equally interested in engineering. So, what would you suggest?

Dear Natasha,
Nice to know that your son has an exploratory mind and would like to work at the global level. International relations is mostly taught in good universities (both in India and abroad) at the postgraduate level. Hence, he needs to decide first about what degree he would like to take up. If he is good in math and science and would like to sharpen his analytical and logical skills, a degree in a basic branch of engineering from a good college would give him a strong foundation, and sufficient time to prepare for entry into reputed institutions for a postgraduation in international relations. Since he has many years before postgraduation, he can start exploring one year before he completes his degree, as many new institutions may come up, and others may acquire good reputation.

Dear Sir,
I completed my BE (telecommunication) in June 2014 and have been working in a non-technical profile in a company. What are my options in terms of higher studies and other areer-building courses(long and short) in both technical and non-technical streams. My average score is 63 per cent. Will this percentage make the process of pursuing higher studies difficult? In addition to the MS and MBA courses, are there any other
options which are not generic and will add value to my resume? Please
shed some light on the available job-oriented courses too.
Kader Mohideen M

Dear Kader,

Since you have not scored very high in engineering, you may introspect whether you would really like to pursue a technical career. There is no point in acquiring
higher qualifications from a mediocre ollege with average marks. Since you are already working in a non-technical job, you may evaluate which is your area of expertise e.g. marketing, communication, documentation, administration, material management. Only when you are sure what domain you would like to specialise in, then you can decide about courses. If you cannot succeed in arrowing down by yourself, then you may seek the help of aptitude testing from any established organisation. You can also get details from

Dear Sir,
My daughter is studying in 9th tandard. Though she gets good marks in maths and science, her real interest lies in English. She writes essays, poems and small articles too and hence, wants to pursue journalism. What will be a better option for her in 11th and 12 th standard? Science or arts? My friends suggest that she should take up science first and then switch over to journalism.
Malathi Vidyaranya

Dear Malathi,
It is very nice that you are open to allowing your child to pursue her dreams based on her capabilities and interest rather than pushing her to science like everyone else. If she does not show deep interest in science (even if she gets good marks), then it would be nice for her to switch over to arts after 10th, join a good ISC/IGCSE school (or a reputed PU ollege if she is in state syllabus). For a student who is good in writing, there are ample opportunities in communication field. Do encourage her to sharpen her writing skills in the meanwhile.

Dear Sir,
I am currently studying in Class 9 (ICSE). I am interested in mathematics. and hence, would like to take up PCMB after my tenth. But what course should I pursue after 12th? I want to keep the course math-centric and also a financially-stable career. Suggest me some courses and also the respective colleges.
A student

Dear student,
It is good to know your deep interest in math, as there are many avenues opening up for people who are strong in mathe-logical skills. Do take up PCMB after your 10th so that you get a wider exposure to all areas of science, and your foundation also will be stronger. By the time you complete 11th, you can decide whether you love for math continues to be as strong. If yes, you can aim for a 4 or 5 year course in reputed institutions like IISc, IISERs, IITs or BITS in pure or applied mathematics. Subsequently, if you wish you can get into practical areas such as big data, business analytics,
econometrics, statistical applications, or go in for higher studies and pursue
teaching and research.

Dear Sir,
Im going to write my 2nd PUC final exams this month. I am interested in doing Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering(AME). I want to know if I would be eligible to to get my commercial pilot license or PPL after the course.
Clinton Johnson

Dear Clinton,
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a three-year course that prepares you to do repairs, maintenance and fabrication of aircraft. It is like the other polytechnic diplomas in various fields of engineering. Jobs are available, but with just an AME you may not be able to rise into managerial positions. To become a commercial pilot, you need to complete 2nd PUC with math and physics, and enroll in a flying training school in India or abroad, first to get your Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and subsequently the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). These two fields are independent of each other.

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