Makeover mantras for your home

Makeover mantras for your home

Makeover mantras for your home

Here go ten simple home decor ideas to spruce up your space. They are sophisticated, simple and cost- effective, vouches Bindu Gopal Rao.

Your home is an extension of your personality and how you do it up is a reflection of your thoughts. And with myriad products and aspects to cover, there is obviously a possibility of losing clarity.

However, fret not, for help is close at hand. We give you ten tried-and-tested home
décor ideas to incorporate in your abode  while adding your own personal touch:

Energy matters
The first thing to do at home is to paint rune (ancient Nordic alphabet) symbols on
mirror tiles and place them outside the front door. “The mirror tiles work to reflect negative energy. The rune symbols create positive energy, protection, abundance, health and happiness. The walls of the house should be painted with broken white with a tint of pink. Pink is the colour of love and joy. It brings peace of mind,” says Dr Seema Anand, a doctor of alternative medicine.

There are some very easy ways to boostenergies in a house without going through the hassles of Feng Shui or Vastu. “Place a vastu yantra in the place of worship if you have one in the house or better still have it embedded in the south-west corner of the house.

This brings in positive energy, abundance and removes all negative energies, especially those created due to bad vastu,” advises Seema.Get a black tourmaline crystal and orange carnelian and place them together at the entrance and also one in every room.

Fragrant appeal
A varied range of fragrances, which enhance the décor of a home, are available in the market. It is however important to have the right fragrances for the right space and occasion. Says Kiran Ranga, master fragrance creator at IRIS Home  Fragrances:

“Lavender is one of the best home fragrances for the living room. It is an instant mood-enhancer and has the power to relax the mind and body. Rosemary or lemon grass will help improve concentration and learning retention in a study room. You could also use the scent of Tangerine in a teenager’s bedroom to ensure better sleep.” Citrus flavours like lemon and orange fit in work spaces and even in the kitchen.

Wall of memories
Weave in a classic display scheme that has made waves in home styling since Victorian times. Create a gallery wall of family photos and other interesting pictures in matching (or contrasting) frames. “Arrange these in a collage on a large wall such as a stairwell or a hallway. For best results, first create a plan by arranging the pictures on the floor till you find the right composition and design balance. The art of arrangement is always stylish,” a spokesperson from Home Centre opines.

Shed some light
Upgrade your lampshades with new trendy ones in more contemporary shapes or with Indo-western fusion designs. Not only are lamps essential for a well-lit room, but they also make a huge impact on a home’s overall look and feel. Lighting is an important element of any home. So, make sure you keep it bright and nice with visually-appealing lamps and lanterns. You can even experiment with decorative table lamps or floor lamps in different corners of your home.

Intricate details make all the difference; include beautiful coasters, interesting desk frames and an exquisite crystal vase filled with fresh flowers to make your home glow. Also, mirrors not only enhance the space of the room, but also radiate light in the room. However, just make sure that they don’t take a lot of wall space and make the room look cluttered.

Paint it well
The choice of colours in your living room will help create that warm and soothing ambience. Nothing can infuse warmth into your living area like a bright shade of yellow. Instantly uplifting, yellows brighten up even the dullest of spaces. More delicate shades on broad walls create a welcoming effect, whereas intense tones are perfect for
smaller areas and niches.

Yatnesh Pandey, chief marketing manager at Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd explains: “Looking at a particular colour on the shade card and imaging it on your walls can be a cumbersome task. Availing help of colour experts and home painting services helps you try swatches of different shades before making the choice. Before you settle on your favourite colour, make sure that you check its appearance under the same light temperature (warm or cool lighting) that you use in your space to get the best of your preferred shade, as the same colour looks different when seen under different types of light. Painting walls facing the window in a shade lighter than the other walls reflects sunlight better and creates an illusion of space.”

Go green
If there is one thing that can instantly perk up any space at home it has to be plants - it adds a touch of greenery and you can see it for yourself. “For an earthy and raw decor, place small and pretty plants in different parts of the house. Be it the living room or the kitchen window sil, fill in voids with smaller pots of seasonal flowers. Get hanging plants for your porch as they look very pretty,” advises Kaushaki Gon, style director at

Cover it up
Create a sense of drama in your home with colourful and bright rugs and carpets. The best areas to place them are the bedroom and living room. Just make sure you choose a size that can conveniently blend into the decor of the room and add that touch of

Art for you
Make sure you do up your walls. Add colour with vibrant and quirky posters, wall decals and art work. You can even get art work customised. Or better still, create
something on your own to make a custom statement.

Open the kitchen
Give your kitchen the built-in edge. Among the notable trends in the kitchen spaces, the one which has been gaining ground and is being overwhelmingly embraced by homeowners is that of open layout kitchens. However, to have an elegantly-designed open kitchen, it is important that all kitchen appliances integrate beautifully to blend into the kitchen fittings.

“Built-in appliances make this possible for your kitchen by blending into its design and creating a sleek, stylish and seamless look. Also, these built-in appliances act best as space savers as they increase the ability to manage, maintain and operate easily in the kitchen,” adds Ajaz Vakil, general manager-project sales, Siemens Home Appliances.So, start small and see the big impact that a few decor suggestions can make to your home.

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