UP woman sacrifices daughter to get son

UP woman sacrifices daughter to get son

UP woman sacrifices daughter to get son

A woman in Uttar Pradesh's Saharanpur town, about 500 km from here, is accused of hacking her five-month-old daughter to death on Thursday night.

The woman had two daughters, and was told by an “exorcist” that her wish for a son could be granted if she made a sacrifice.

According to police sources, the woman, identified as Reena Devi, was often humiliated by her husband for not giving birth to a son.

Sources said Reena was influenced by an “exorcist”. “She would often perform strange rituals at home so her wish could be granted,” said police officials quoting her family members.

When five-month-old Khushi went missing on Thursday. the neighbours suspected foul play and informed the police, who took Reena into custody and interrogated her.
Reena broke down during the questioning and revealed that she had hacked Khushi to death and buried her body at a cemetery nearby. It was later recovered.

‘Drank blood’
What came as a further shock to the police was that Reena confessed to drinking Khushi's blood. “Reena might have been told by the 'exorcist' to commit this gruesome act,” said the officials.

“We are trying to trace the exorcist,” they added.

Earlier, too, several girls had been killed by their parents in different parts of the state when they failed to have a son.

“It is really very sad that even in the 21st century we are behaving like animals and killing our daughters,” said social activist Shishupal Yadav.

In many cases, women were blamed for not bearing male children, and are killed by their husbands.