Corporator blamed for pourakarmika's suicide bid

Corporator blamed for pourakarmika's suicide bid

Preetham dismisses harassment allegations against him

Depressed after being suspended from service, Suresh, a contract pourakarmika attempted suicide by consuming poison, here on Saturday. He is currently being treated at K R Hospital in the city.

Following the incident, pourakarmikas staged a flash protest at the Hospital premises, alleging that BJP Corporator of Ward No 21, Nandish Preetham was responsible for the suicide attempt. Nandish however, has dismissed the allegations levelled against him.

Suresh, a resident of Vasanthnagar, attempted suicide at Ward no 21, at the spot where he used to work daily by consuming poison. Other pourakarmikas who were present at the venue, rushed him to K R Hospital. He is currently recovering.

Suresh had been employed as a pourakarmika for the past eight years and was among the 25 persons serving in the ward. In a letter written by him prior to the suicide bid, he has alleged that Nandish Preetham had influenced the contractor who had hired him, to dismiss him from service, recently.

Following this, Suresh had repeatedly petitioned the corporator to re-appoint him for the past two months.

However, after he learnt that some other person had been appointed at his place, he decided to take the drastic step, Suresh has said in the letter.

Pourakarmikas, who had gathered near K R Hospital after the incident held Nandish Preetham responsible for the condition of Suresh. The protesters alleged that Pourakarmikas were forced to perform chores such as cleaning toilets at Nandish’s house. Unable to bear such harassments meted out by the corporator, eight persons including two women, were forced out of their jobs, they said.

They demanded action against the corporator, failing which the pourakarmikas threatened to stop cleaning activities from March 16.

Following the incident, chairman of State Safai Karmachari Commission, Narayan visited K R Hospital. Speaking to press persons, he said that several pourakarmikas had orally complained to the Commission, about the harassments by Nandish.

“A notice will be served to the corporator. Commission will take up the case and probe the matter,” he said.

Reacting to the issue, Nandish dismissed the allegations levelled against him and said that he had not influenced the contractor to fire Suresh. “He had left the job at his own will,” Nandish said.
He said that he was being blamed as he tried to regulate the work hours of pourakarmikas.

“They are supposed to work from 6.30 am to 2.30 pm. However, they stop working at 11 am. I tried to regulate this,” he said.

He also said that Suresh was fired, as he was irregular at work.

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