TDP questions Cong ministers withdrawing resignations

TDP questions Cong ministers withdrawing resignations

"They (the 13 ministers) were the first ones to celebrate immediately after the Centre’s December 9 statement on initiating the process on Telangana. But so far there has been no movement forward on the issue but the ministers conveniently took back their resignations.

On what basis have they withdrawn their resignations," TDP politburo member Nagam Janardhana Reddy, said.

Talking to reporters here today, Nagam criticised the ministers for "going backward" on the statehood issue now after the initial celebrations. "It is not right on your part to do so when the need is for creating a constitutional crisis for achieving statehood to Telangana," Nagam, along with his party colleagues M Narasimhulu and L Ramana, said.
He asserted that creating a constitutional crisis in the state by way of resignations was the only way to mount pressure on the Centre to create a separate state.

"We are not apprehensive about imposition of President’s rule in the state," the TDP politburo member replied when asked about the possibility.
He said all the 39 TDP MLAs from the region were firm on their resignations. "There is no question of taking back our resignations till a separate state is carved out," he said, adding there was a need to continue the struggle for Telangana in a peaceful manner.

"We will appeal to the Joint Action Committee to take the agitation forward only in a peaceful manner," the TDP leader added.