Renowned Tulu actor passes away

Wellknown Tulu theatre artiste, actor and cinema director Kadanale Narayana Tailor passed away in a private hospital here on Wednesday after a prolonged illness. He was 76.

K N Tailor is one name which figures prominently among Tulu films as he was associated (produced / acted / scripted) with 9 Tulu films out of the first 15 films. There was a time when Tulu films meant K N Tailor and vice versa. Be it Tulu plays or Tulu cinemas, his name was associated with almost every movie / plays those days.

Though his name was Narayana, he was also known as ‘Tailor’ as tailoring was his profession. Subsequently, he started adding ‘Tailor’ to his name and hence later on, he was known as K N Tailor. A few also used to call him as K N Taylor (after the legendary British actor).

The Tulu films in which he acted include ‘Kaasdaye Kandani’ (Rich Husband), ‘Yer Malthina Thappu’ (Whose fault is it), ‘Dareda Budedi’ (Official wife), ‘Pagetha Puge’ (Fume of revenge), ‘Bisathi Babu’ (Knife Babu), ‘Yaan Sanyasi Aape’ (I will be a monk), ‘Tulunada siri’ (Fortune of Tulunadu), ‘Saviradorthi Savithri’ (One in a thousand Savithri) and ‘Bhagyavanthedi’ (Lucky girl).

Interestingly, he had also acted with many popular actors including Leelavathi, Jayamala (present MLC), Pandaribai, Mamatha Shenoy, Sadashiva Salian. Many popular film songs in which he acted are quite popular even to this day.

His famous Tulu plays include ‘Bombai Kandani,’ ‘Pudar Kenade,’ Dr Shankar, ‘Thammale Aruvathana Kola,’ ‘Yer Malthini Thappu,’ ‘Shanthi,’ ‘Kalleda Dever,’ ‘Yaan Sanyasi Aape,’ ‘Kaasdaye Kandani,’ ‘Badayida Bangar,’ ‘Kandane Budedi,’ ‘Indrana Aasti,’ ‘Kalzigeda Vishwamithre - Menake,’ ‘Yerenla Nambodchi,’ ‘Devere Korper,’ ‘Sainagandala Satya Panle’ and ‘Dasuna Madme’ among others.

In fact, he had also started a Tulu drama troupe - Ganesh Nataka Sabha, which was very popular for over three decades.

Slew of awards
He is also the recipient of Rajyotsava Award (1994), Nataka Academy Award (1989), Karnataka Sahithya Academy Award (1998), Sandesha Award (2000) and lifetime achievement award for Tulu Cinema (2014).

He is survived by his wife Jayanthi, four daughters and a son. District-in-Charge Minister B Ramanath Rai, Health Minister U T Khader and Youth Services Minister K Abhayachandra Jain among others have condoled the death of veteran actor.
The last rites will be performed on Thursday.

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