Tackling prickly heat in babies

Tackling prickly heat in babies

Prickly heat - also called heat rash - is a condition familiar to most parents, who typically agonise over it as soon as summer sets in. Up to 40 percent of infants suffer from prickly heat. In babies, it is a result of blocked sweat glands. Since the blocked skin pores can’t clear the sweat, it results in heat rash, which causes itching or prickling of the skin.


Skin breaking out into tiny red bump-like eruptions, which usually occurs around the baby’s neck, back, upper chest, under the arms, or near the edges of the nappy or underwear.

The rash sometimes look like tiny blisters and can cause irritation and itchy sensations.
A red patch develops on the babies skin in the affected areas.
 A baby may have an increased body temperature and may fuss or cry because of the irritating sensation.

Dealing with it

The best way to treat prickly heat is by keeping the skin cool and dry.Dress your baby in loose-fitting, lightweight cotton clothing.  

Bathe your baby in lukewarm water and gently cleanse the skin using a mild soap. Use a herbal prickly heat baby powder that provides a cooling relief and keeps the baby’s skin dry.

Trim your baby’s fingernails and prevent him/her from scratching the itchy rash, which may lead to infections.

Khus grass is an excellent antiperspirant and helps keep the skin cool and fresh all day.
Neem is anti-bacterial and speeds up the skin’s healing, useful in treatment of infections and rashes.

Consult a doctor if the condition aggravates. 

(The author is in-charge, scientific publications, The Himalaya Drug Company)

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