Woman finds Mr Right after dating 1,000 men

At 21, Amy Hinkley was dating three men a day

“When I came out of a three-year relationship aged 19, I decided to hit the bars and clubs in search of a new man... But after a few months, I realised it wasn’t for me,” “The Mirror” quoted Amy as saying.

Amy then signed up to an online dating agency. She created a profile and spent a month chatting to various men before she started liking a man.

She recalled: “His name was Steve (name changed) and he lived on the other side of London. He seemed kind, confident and when he said he looked a little like Tom Cruise my heart raced.

“He was unable to send a picture, he said, because his phone was broken. We spoke for hours and he oozed confidence. I couldn’t believe my luck and it wasn’t long before my excitement got the better of me and I asked him out for a drink.”

And, Amy dresses up in her favourite purple top, a black skirt and knee-high boots for the date. She said: “I didn’t want to look too racy for a first date but I definitely wanted to make a big impression — I was expecting a Tom Cruise lookalike after all!

“Sadly, a chubby 40-something man with a comb-over appeared at my side and my stomach lurched. My fears were confirmed when he looked me in the eye and announced: ‘I am Steve’.”

She continued: “I told him to order the drinks while I popped to powder my nose.
“I rushed to the toilet, prised open a window and escaped.” But Amy was not the one to give up. Within a year she had gone on 200 dates and was a member of 13 dating sites, paying nearly £40 per month. At  21, she was dating three men a day. “My diary read like this: Monday, pizza with Dave, Tuesday, cinema with Andy, Wednesday, dinner with Paul. I was one busy lady. Because I was eating so much I put on about a stone in the first year.

And then just before Amy was to end her quest for love she came across Adam Want’s profile in May 2007.

She said: “He caught my eye because he didn’t look like he was trying too hard in his picture.... And he only worked a few streets away from me in Peckham, South London. We chatted online for a few weeks before swapping numbers and talking on the phone.
It was two months before we agreed to meet up but by then I was smitten.”
Her first meeting with him was her 1,000th date.

Recollecting the date Amy said: “The conversation flowed and we flirted easily all night...”
And Adam too was charmed by Amy. Adam said: “After dating for two weeks I told Amy that I was in love with her, and I knew we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together.”

The lovebirds now plan to stay together and get engaged this year.

Amy said: “Finally, after dating 1000 men, I am marrying the perfect one... and he was around the corner all along!

“But the journey was worth it — you could say I have definitely kissed a lot of frogs before I found my prince!”

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