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Last Updated : 25 October 2017, 19:41 IST

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Mother Nature provides us with the gift of life and the ability to live out our travel experiences.

I went with a bunch of friends to trek, do rock climbing and explore caves recently.
We were 13 riders and seven pillion riders, passionate about adventure activities, who headed to Anthargange. This is located roughly about 70 km from Bengaluru.

How to get there?
We commenced our adventurous journey at 3 am.

We paused for taking refreshments in Cafe Coffee Day on Kolar highway and then continued our journey to our destination, Antharagange Temple at 4.45 am.

In pitch darkness surrounded with greenery, we started trekking, rock climbing and reached the hill top at the first appearance of light in the sky before the sunrise. After a breather, we got ready to explore the caves with the help of two village guides. This exhilarating experience was full of uncertainties, alternate routes and mild challenges.

What did we do?
The trek began with we climbing a steep steps that led to a temple with a pond. Since it was dark, we did not get a good view. However, we were able to hear sounds of the water falling. I was informed by one of my family members about a mysterious stone bull with water flowing out of its mouth and no one knows the source of the water. Sources say that, this is how Anthargange got its name.

We had devoted our time to relive the adventure and then we continued with another hour of rock climbing. En route, we came across rocky structures, boulders, thorny shrubs and bushes. This was definitely not easy. But thanks to my hubby, a frequent trekker, who ensured our uphill rock climbing journey was worthwhile and smooth.

 Post rock climbing, we approached the caves. We were a little tired however also happy. We breathed in the fresh air, enjoyed the beautiful sunrise, were speechless and got lost in nature’s lap.

There is a saying that each adventure brings a newfound challenge and our upcoming task was to explore the caves. I was sceptical to attempt.

I had heard stories of people who were hurt while exploring the caves. To our rescue, help and support there were two travel guides who constantly tried to instill confidence in each of one of us.

We crawled through the entrances and exits of the rocky cracks based on their clear instructions to complete exploration of the caves.

As Mark Twain once wrote, “Twenty years from now, you will be more
disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

Aptly, we were all glad that we explored the caves though it was dangerous yet gave all of us a euphoric feeling.

I personally feel adventures bring in you a sense of accomplishment regardless of age and size and helps you with personal achievement.

I consider these adventures as a personal goal which is always uplifting. The sense of being closer to Mother Nature is an accomplishment on its own and provides an ecstatic feeling.

Pushpalatha B
(The author can be contacted at pushpalatha.b@dell.com)

Published 25 October 2017, 15:52 IST

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