'I'm a workaholic'

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'I'm a workaholic'

If you have been anywhere near YouTube the past couple of years, the name Lilly Singh aka Superwoman (styled ‘IISuperwomanII’) will ring a bell. The Indo-Canadian YouTube personality and comedian has made a name for herself with her bi-weekly videos that talk about everything from racism and homophobia to giving dating advice and poking fun at the different genders and stereotypes. In a chat with ‘Metrolife’, she spoke about her journey to becoming ‘Superwoman’.

She says she got hooked on to YouTube for two different reasons. “I was going through a difficult period in life and wanted to cheer myself up and thought ‘Hey, why don’t I make videos where I can cheer myself up and I cheer other people up and we help each other’. Also, there was no presence of South Asian women on YouTube so I thought this was a good opportunity to do something that hasn’t been done before.”

Why did she pick the name ‘Superwoman’? “It’s based off a hip hop song I loved called ‘Superwoman’. I used to call myself that when I was a kid, way before YouTube. I thought it was really motivational and inspirational to call myself that, like I was really strong.” She adds that she always wanted to be an entertainer.

   “I wanted to be that person at the parties who got all the attention. When I found this platform, I was excited to try it out.” Over the years, she has uploaded over 350 videos on YouTube, which have garnered her more than five million followers. But the online sensation maintains that she knows how to keep her private life aside from her working space and the internet. “The internet doesn’t actually know everything about me but I find this a good platform to tell them what I’m doing.

My audience does know a lot of what I’m doing but there are things I keep personal, like my family. I have a pretty good control over what goes on the internet, as of now, but that might change. If I’m blogging, I select what to put up... I don’t Instagram or tweet everything. Anything on the internet, however vague it is or even if you delete later, will spread; the internet is an extremely fast moving creature so I’m careful of what I put in my videos.”

How similar are Lilly and Superwoman? “I would say they are pretty similar except Lilly gets scared and sad but Superwoman is invincible. But personality wise they are pretty much the same.”

 Having collaborated with stars including James Franco and Seth Rogen, she says her favourite video till day has been the one with Madhuri Dixit. She terms it a “dream come true”. Another favourite of hers was the one with ‘The Big Bang Theory’ actor Kunal Nayyar.

On her most popular video series on parents, in which she plays Manjeet and Paramjeet Singh, she says, “My parents are nothing like them (Manjeet and Paramjeet). I’m just poking fun at the stereotypical parent. My mum doesn’t talk like that and my dad doesn’t act like that. They are actually really cool, way cooler than me, and super supportive of me. Also, they are really modern and know hip hop songs!”

Calling herself a workaholic, she ends, “I don’t have regular days. Everything I do, everyday, is somehow associated with Superwoman. Whether it’s reading, editing or attending a meeting, I’m a workaholic. If there are regular days with no work, I am unable to handle that.”

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