Snacking past midnight

Food worries

Snacking past midnight

The emergence of fast food and numerous ready-to-serve snacks serve many a purpose to its consumers and die-hard fans. Tasty, time saving, easily available and so on, some snacks also promise people ‘a wholesome experience’ which includes great time with friends and acquaintances!  

The midnight snacks especially are becoming popular with a number of people, especially youngsters who like to nibble while texting, surfing the net or merely burning the midnight oil during exams.

However, the innocent looking, spicy food can also be notorious as an over indulgence most likely leads to health problems.

While people may find having a light snack a good way to pass time as they watch a movie or read their books, there is another aspect that is associated with it- kill time!

Saurav Gupta, an IT professional returns home at around 9 pm every day after which he has his dinner and then proceeds to surf the internet.

“I usually sleep at around 2 am everyday because my office timings allow me to do so. I usually watch news or spend time on social media websites but this does get monotonous and I end up hunting for food in the kitchen,” said Gupta.

He said that when he joined his new job in 2013, he would have “simple things like chips or maggi” but as time passed the practice of having midnight meals became more elaborate.

“Now I stock up a variety of food like sandwiches, burgers and sometimes I bring food from my work area, not for dinner but for the midnight meal. It is becoming more important to me,” Gupta said laughingly.

While Gupta brings food to his residence there are many others who order out before the last restaurant or eatery in their locality shuts down for the night.

Saqib Baba stays with two other roommates. He said that the trio order out almost every day. “We come late from our work and barely have time to speak to each other. All of us have food in the office canteen so it further leaves less scope to socialise so what we do is order kebabs or nihari and have it during the course of our unending chats,” Baba said.
Vaishvi is perhaps one of those who while enjoying their midnight meal feels guilty about it later.

“It is not healthy at all. Junk food as it is causes more problems to one’s health, but these are thesmall joys we are forced to rely on. Life is becoming so mechanical and the corporatisation has further eroded personal time. Having snacks at night does not kill boredom. It also gives certain happiness. We make do with whatever we have,” she said.

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