Rivulet polluted by coffee pulping units' effluents

Rivulet polluted by coffee pulping units' effluents

Effluents from coffee pulping units have polluted Alekhan riv- ulet in Balooru reserve forest limits in Mudigere taluk.  Untreated waste from the pulping units could spoil the water bodies and its creatures.

The river  originates from Alekhan hillock in Charmadi Ghat. It is suspected that water from rivulet may have mixed with effluents near a minor bridge in the region. Coffee waste was seen floating in the  water. The water has turned black and is stinking.

The water has turned blackish even at a place where it joins Malaya Marutha water body in front of Annappa Swamy temple. The remains of effluents were seen for 10-km Stretch on the water body.

There are several coffee estates on the banks of river at Alekhan and Madhugani villages. Waste water released from coffee pulping units is a health hazard, hence the Pollution Control Board has strictly imposed methods to treat water used for pulping. But in many estates, this norm is not followed and every year, feel environmentalists.

The rivulet after joining Malaya Marutha rivulet and later joins Netravathi after traversing 19-km.

Mahesh of ‘Ulivu’ said “district administration and Karnataka Pollution Control Board are silent over release of effluents by coffee pulping units in Malnad. The effluents have been affecting the environment. There is a need to initiate stringent action against culprits”  The environmentalists said fishes had died owing to effluents from coffee pulper units, at Bakki village one months ago.