Mattress matters

Mattress matters

Mattress matters

A  human being spends around one-third of his/her life on a bed, either sleeping or trying to sleep. And if we take proper care to maintain our mattress, only then will it pay us back with good quality sleep. Here are a few tips for a hygienic and long-lasting mattress:

l Use correct framework: A mattress needs to be put in a proper bed frame, so that it fits in accurately. The frame and mattress should be in harmony with each other.
l Cover your mattress: Use a vinyl or cotton cover to protect your mattress. This would keep the allergens at bay. A good cover would keep the mattress clean, and also provide more comfort.

l Change and wash the covers: The mattress covers must be cleaned using hot water (temperature of around 130oF), because dust mites are generally not removed by cold water. The covers should also be changed and replaced by clean ones regularly. Also, it is advised to change your mattress every five years.

l Vacuum the mattress: Although the cover provides primary protection to the mattress, it is always a good option to vacuum it. This removes accumulated dirt, and restricts the growth of bacteria and other allergens. Dead skin cells often attract dust mites.

Occasional vacuuming would check this problem, and prolong the life of your mattress.
l Place it in sunlight: Sunlight is a very good natural disinfectant. Placing your mattress directly under the sun for a few hours would be a very good idea.

l Flip and rotate: A reversible mattress can be flipped every four - five months, so that the head-side of the mattress becomes the foot and vice versa.

If it’s a non-reversible mattress like pillow-top, then you can simply rotate it 180 degrees. Flipping and rotating ensures that you don’t continuously sleep in the same spot.

l Clean all stains quickly: Any type of stain must be immediately removed from the mattress. Any kind of liquid can seep through the bedspread and stain your mattress. It is important to quickly remove as much moisture as possible, by blotting the stained area.

You can apply hydrogen peroxide from a spray bottle, and let it remain for four to five minutes. Next, sprinkle baking soda over the area. Brush it off after several hours. You can also use a bit of diluted mild soap or upholstery shampoo for removing the stains. In that case, ensure that it dries thoroughly.

l Keep your mattress dry: Even if you strip your mattress and clean it every six months, never use water for this.

Moisture leads to fungal growth. Always vacuum your mattress and keep it as dry as possible. Ensure that it’s completely dry, before covering it with bed-sheet.

l Keep kids in check: Children like to bounce and play on the bed. Jumping on the mattress, however, would lead to its damage.

l Freshen up your mattress: You can use natural, light-scented dryer sheets on the mattress below the sheet. This would impart a sweet fragrance. You can also sprinkle baking soda; it acts as an odour magnet.

(The author is managing director, Peps Industries Pvt Ltd)

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