Enter the boardroom in style

Enter the boardroom in style

The early morning rush hardly makes it possible for one to critically analyse what would be appropriate to be worn to office while keeping one’s style-statement intact. A look at the hotties from our film industry and one feels that only ‘they’ can look good in formals. But what if you too get your styling tips from experts and trigger tremors in the boardroom at the annual financial year end meeting?

If you allow a little experimentation in your dressing-style, “You can wear light-coloured chinos with a striped shirt. Men can experiment with self-design work too. It’s important to go with light shades when it comes to a boardroom setting and some of the light coloured blazers, such as in pink linen, are a pleasant change for the more conventional dark shades of blue and black. Any more than this looks garish,” says Narendra Kumar Ahmed, brand advisor at Grasim, keeping in mind the soaring temperature in the Capital. Ahmed also warns against bold stripes and contrasting colour patterns which become too loud!       

In a corporate setting, however, semi-formals need to be limited to only the absence of a tie. If your organisation allows semi-formals, a jacket can be teamed with a casual shirt. Light detailing, micro-prints or contrast stripes over the jacket.

For the women in the male arena, it is not just the pencil skirts that define formals. Stylists believe that as long as one part of the outfit looks well tailored and smart, women can experiment with the other half, preferably the lowers.

However, “They shouldn’t be too flared or look too drapy. Straight cut pants with light flare at the bottom work well,” he advises.

With these tips, it isn’t too difficult to compete with Arjun Rampal or Kangana Ranaut. However, one must watch out for any fashion faux pas. One of the most common blunders that men make is pairing of socks with shoes.

Ahmed says, “A lot of men wear white socks in the boardroom, which look very school boy-ish. Your foot needs to look like an extension of the trouser. Socks must always
be paired to the trouser, not the shoe.”

When it comes to women, wearing excessively loud jewellery in the boardroom should be avoided. Fashion experts add that even wearing fabrics like dupattas, that constantly need to be adjusted, should be avoided since they draw the attention away from what an individual has to say. Next time, don’t pull out the first thing that you spot in your wardrobe without a thought!