Going beyond conventions

Going beyond conventions

Progressive mode

Going beyond conventions

The word ‘Rainburn’ reminds one of something that is pleasant and not so pleasant at the same time. While naming their band, the members of ‘Rainburn’ wanted to put two contrasting concepts together to show that their music is subtle yet powerful.

 The name of the band also indicates that the band covers a wide spectrum of music and is not restricted to conventions. Comprising Vats Iyengar on lead vocals and guitar, Praveen Kumar on drums, Vineet Gogoi on guitar and vocals and Allan Julius Fernandes on bass and vocals, the four-member band vouch for the originality of their music. While Vats is dedicated to music and the band full-time, Praveen works in a corporate company. Allan and Vineet are still students.

The band falls under the progressive rock genre. It was started in late 2011 and has faced a lot of obstacles before finalising the line-up. On the road to progressive rock, Vats says, “The label of progressive was given to us by the people. Progressive music is unusual and has certain variations in rhythm. I also like the term itself. It means we are
progressing otherwise we would be freezing which is not a good sign.”

The band has a wide range of inspirations, from Ilayaraja’s music and old Hindi film songs to ‘The Beatles’. The band believes that a musician should have a wide range of influences to make music and that is when originality falls into place without any effort.

“The members of this band have various influences and when we sit down to compose our own songs, we try to express our deep, inner feelings and by the end of it all, we have a great song. Originality is a matter of expressing oneself as honestly as possible. Anybody who is in touch with their influences and their inner self will bring out the best music one could ever imagine,” adds Vats.

Getting the initial sounds in a live music event is hard, confesses the members. The band recently came out with their five-track debut EP ‘Canvas of Silence’. It packs Indian and progressive tunes. The music scene in the City is brilliant, they feel. “We are lucky to have been born in this era where music scene is so diverse. With the advent of social media, a lot more bands have come up and technology too has helped the musicians in an enormous way,” says Allan.