There's a lot a more I want to explore'

There's a lot a more I want to explore'

This will bea year of releases for Kannada actor Tilak who is shuffling between four projects in Kannada, besides signing up for his Telugu debut. "An actor must explore opportunities in as many language industries as possible. Kannada film industry gave me an opening but I've decided to test my luck in other languages as well. I hope my entry into Telugu is the beginning of more work in that industry," Tilak says.

He has completed the shooting for 'Octopus' in Kannada where he essays the role of an investigating officer. "The Kannada film industry is open to experimenting with all kinds of subjects and that's why we now have a film like 'Octopus' which is science thriller. With this, the Kannada film industry will be coming of age," reasons Tilak. He feels it wasn't easy playing the role of a cop. "I must say that I feel like a real cop when I slip into the uniform. I work out to stay fit and the uniform automatically gives you some kind of power and your body language also changes accordingly," he states. He has consciously worked on changing his look in the film.

In 'Love on NH4', Tilak is playing a con man. He states that there are three characters in the film. "I play the role of a man who believes that money is everything. So I head out to make money but don't compromise on my ethics to make that extra buck," he informs. And Tilak is excited with the kind of offers that are coming his way. "For a change, I haven't been offered to do a love story," he states. He points out that he had to behave every inch like someone who thinks money can buy everything. "In the movie, the character lets his money do all the talking," he shares. Tilak's project 'Pallavi Talkies' is also ready for release. The story is based on a real-life incident that took place in the City. "It's based on a murder that took place a few years ago. Here again, I play a cop but a lot of research has gone into making the facts appear as real as possible," he reasons.

Tilak confesses that doing romantic roles did begin to get a boring. "So, a change of characters was absolutely necessary. The last few projects have given me the chance to go beyond what's predictable. There's a lot a more that I want to explore, " he sums up.

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