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Last Updated 14 April 2015, 15:59 IST

Stylish tote bags have become quite a trend these days. From college students to working women, tot­es are for everyone and for every occasion. These oversiz­ed bags, usually made of cloth or other soft material, are perfect for travelling, sho­pping, work place, clubbing etc.

“The most fashionable thing about a tote bag is that one can fit all the essentials in it and can carry it for any occasion, from work place to dine out and clubbing,” says Gurprit Sawhney, MD and founder, Trendy Divva.

“They are best as one can incorporate everything in it from iPad, keys, make-up, water bottle, wallet, headphones and everything else in the ever growing list. But one would equally want a bag which is chic and elegant and the sha­pe not falling apart. Tote is one such bag,” says Sawhney.

Since the trend of tote bags is in, a variety of it is available in the market these days. “One can choose from simple to trendy, from pastels to bright colours, stylish, girlish and funky prints, tote bags have them all,” says Mansi Gupta, founder and designer,, a web portal for lifestyle products.

“They are available in lea­th­er, canvas, as well as cloth depending on the style you are looking for. Cloth bags for an informal look and the leather ones can be carried stylishly everywhere. We have a collection of some unique tote bags which are hand-knotted punja durries from Mirzapur with genuine leather belts,” says Gupta. The qualities of a good tote bag are that they should have proper shape.

“Since they are bigger in size and arealways overload­ed with stuff, they should have strong straps. The straps of the tote bags should be desi­gned in a manner that it sho­uld not leave marks on the sho­ulders,” informs Sawhney.

So, when you are carrying a tote bag match it to the occasion to avoid looking out of place. “If you are going for shopping you can carry a medium-size jute tote bag with your maxi dress, jeans dungree or a dress-shrug, for a hippie look. A business-like tote bag is ideal for interviews or other professional meetings. A large jute tote bag which is spacious can be easily carried for travelling. Also, it is advisable not to carry a tote bag when wearing evening gowns, even if your tote bag is a designer handbag,” suggests Gupta.

You can even experiment with your look while carrying a tote bag. Gupta says, “You can wear simple and conservative accessories to go with the bag. You can wear blingy or colourful headbands for a funky look.

Clothing, jewellery and accessories should enhance the look not distract people. Choose one of your favourite piece and team it up with the tote bag. The pieces do not have to exactly match but together it should make you look good and stylish.”

(Published 14 April 2015, 15:59 IST)

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