Man accused of necrophilia arrested

Man accused of necrophilia arrested

The accused, Nagesh Gholap,  an alleged necrophiliac was arrested on Wednesday for murdering and raping a 14-year-old girl.

According to the police, the girl went missing on January 4 when she had stepped out of her house to buy medicines.

Nagesh, on Friday, admitted to have murdered the girl first and then raping her, a senior police official said.

“During his interrogation, the accused has said that he first drowned the girl in a tub of water and then assaulted her with a rod so that she did not scream for help. After that he raped her,” the official said.

Nagesh then smashed the victim’s face and stuffed her body into a sack and left it in an empty flat in the same building.

Police say it was the gunny bag in which the victim’s body was stuffed that led them to Nagesh.

“We found several vegetable pieces stuck to the gunny sack and investigations revealed that the flat was owned by Nagesh’s mother, who used to store vegetables there,” the official said.