The series Lost. Lost and found

Touted to be the best season of the series so far, season five of the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning series Lost, returns for its penultimate season of action-packed mystery and adventure. Tune in to Lost — Season 5, starting January 18, every Monday to Thursday at 10 pm on Star World.

The band of friends, families, enemies and strangers must continue to work together against all odds if they want to stay alive. Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Claire’s son Aaron, otherwise known as the Oceanic 6, have been rescued and continue to try and pick up the pieces of the lives they knew before the crash. But Jack and Ben must convince all of them to return to the island in order to save those left behind.

This will prove quite a feat to achieve since Jack is still wrestling with his addictions, Kate won’t speak to Jack, Hurley is in a mental institution, Sayid is an assassin and Sun blames Jack for Jin’s death when the freighter exploded.

Adding to their worries is the fact that they also have to take the body of Jeremy Bentham aka Locke, with them in order to make things right with the island. But locating the island may prove even more difficult since Ben moved it.

How about a holiday in hell? 

Visa, passport, flight ticket, money, luggage, camera and you are sorted for the much-awaited holiday. But on arrival at your destination, what if there are two packets of cocaine found in your bag at the security check? A holiday in paradise transforms into a nightmare, a relaxing itinerary into hardships beyond imagination.

National Geographic Channel presents a new season of its series, Jailed Abroad, premiering January 18, every Monday at 10 pm. Watch Jailed Abroad — Delhi on January 18 at 10 pm. In 1999, heartbroken Londoner, Clare Matthews decided to travel to Goa. She loved it so much that when her money ran out, she overcame her initial fears and hid two pounds of hashish in a statue, and mailed it off to Europe to make some quick cash. But her party lifestyle spiralled out of control, and she needed more money.

She shipped another parcel, and then another, but the third one did not reach Europe. The courier company said they have lost the address and asked her to go to the post office to pick up a fax. Desperate for money but suspecting a trap, Clare reluctantly picked up the fax.

She was arrested and ended up spending years in one of Asia’s largest jails, waiting trial. Finally, she was given a five-year sentence which she had already served. But just after she is released, Clare’s lawyer told her that her sentence has been extended for another five-years. Devastated, Clare waited in jail for three-months until the judge relented and allowed her to return to London.

Getting down and dirty

Discovery Channel presents Time Warp at 9 pm on January 18. Metallica band members James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Rob Trujillo get “warped” as the channel’s team gets up close and personal with these heavy metal legends in this special edition of Time Warp. And while they are at it, Matt and Jeff chew things up with a chainsaw artist and get down and dirty with dirt bikes. 

Tough decision

Money Train airs on HBO on January 18 at 9 pm. Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson have a lot in common — they are best friends, foster brothers, work as transit cop partners and are after the same woman. But they have a lot of differences as well, one being sensible and mature while the other is a reckless and compulsive gambler. Things get out of hand when Harrelson decides to rob the money train, a train that collects money from the subway booths. Now Snipes must decide whether to stop or join his sibling and best pal. 

Foraying into small screen 

Riya Sen, who worked with Paritosh Painter on his debut film Paying Guests, did a special appearance on the director’s TV show Shree Adi Manav, which was aired recently. It was the first time on small screen for the Bengali beauty.

Riya played the role of Riya Sen, the film actress, who comes to Shree, Adi and Manav’s house as they have won a contest — Dinner Date With Riya Sen.

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