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Age no bar

Catherine Zeta Jones Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones insists the 25-year age gap between her and husband Michael Douglas doesn’t matter and she often forgets he is so much older. The 40-year-old actress insists her relationship with Michael Douglas works well because he is no longer as focussed on his career as she is and so can stay at home with their children, Dylan, nine, and Carys, six, while she goes out to work.

“Until someone actually tells me he is 25 years older, I don’t actually think about it. I guess he’s been through the mill a bit if he can put up with me and we are not vying for equal rights in our careers because he already is Michael Douglas. It works very well with the children,  him being at home and me working and vice versa," she said.

The Chicago star, who has been married to the screen legend for almost ten years, also revealed that the attraction between them was instantaneous and has only grown “stronger” over the years.


‘I can’t take my eyes off Katrina’

Zarine KhanDebutante Zarine Khan doesn’t mind being compared to her Veer co-star Salman Khan’s girlfriend Katrina Kaif and says that the actress is so beautiful that she can’t take her eyes off her. “Being compared to Katrina Kaif is a huge compliment for me because I feel she is very beautiful. When I am compared to her, I feel overwhelmed. I have met her a couple of times and she is so beautiful that even I haven’t been able to take my eyes off her,” said Zarine. “Personally speaking, when I see myself in the mirror, I find no similarities.”

 Zarine, who is playing female lead with Salman in Veer, says that she wanted to be a doctor and that acting happened to her by chance. “I was always a brilliant student, though not a nerd. I wanted to be a doctor. But I couldn’t continue my studies due to a financial crisis and the responsibility of my whole family fell on my shoulders. Acting happened by chance. Now I can be everything — a doctor, pilot, everything,” said Zarine.

“I was a struggling model and was looking for some kind of work to take care of my family. I was doing small print ads now and then for sarees to earn money to run my house. One day I was at home, surfing the net, when I got a call from Mukta Arts. They called me on the sets of Yuvvraaj. There I met Salman.”

“Salman is a huge actor and I am one of his biggest fans. I started talking to him like any other fan. I had no clue that he was planning to take me in his film. Finally, when I asked him for his autograph, he said, ‘No sweetheart you will sign autographs for the world’. Later I got to know that he had selected me for this film,” she added.

Though Salman chose Zarine, she had to pass an audition test. “They had auditioned lots of girls because the female lead has two different looks in the movie — Indian and Western. Whoever they auditioned looked good in either of the looks, not both. Some had language problems too. They tried me and I was lucky enough to fit into both the characters and they signed me,” said Zarine.

The makers kept Zarine’s name under the wraps for a long time. “Even I got strict instructions to keep it a secret from friends and family. I was allowed to give some clue to my parents,” she said. Why were they hiding her? “I don’t know. I was too inexperienced to question them. I just did what they asked me to do.Veer is a love story set against the backdrop of the war for independence. I play a Rajasthani princess.”she said.

Salman is known as a short-tempered man, but Zarine got to know the caring side of his personality. “I had heard that he is a very tough guy, and that he hardly speaks. But he spoke to me very nicely, may be because I had met him first as a fan. In due course, I realised whatever has been written about Salman is not true. He has a heart of gold. He is a very genuine man.” “While shooting sometimes, I couldn’t understand parts of my role. I used to be scared that Salman would get angry. But he used to patiently explain how to go about it,” said Zarine, who is receiving many offers but hasn’t signed anything as she is awaiting the release of Veer.

Giving credits to author 

Bollywood film-makers have time and again been inspired by Hollywood flicks and even best-selling novels. But the recent spat between writer Chetan Bhagat and the team of 3 Idiots has led the makers of Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? to ensure that no such controversy is created around their film. Director Ashwni Dhir, whose Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? is inspired by satirist late Sharad Joshi’s Tum Kab Jaaoge Atithi, will be mentioning the author’s name in the opening credits itself.

He confirms, “While penning my film, I had read Sharad’ji’’s piece and had therefore, got a letter of consent from his daughter since the titles are similar. The position of credit has not been specified in the letter of consent. Though our team is yet to decide on the position of the creditline, I have no problems crediting Sharadji in the beginning. I’m also producing a serial on Sharadji’s works titled Lapataganj — Sharad Joshi Ki Kahaniyon Ka Pata. Here, I’ve included Sharadji’s name in the title. Giving due credit to an author adds credibility to my project.” Well, we certainly appreciate this move by the team of Atithi…. and hope other film-makers also follow suit.

Farah to do a cameo

After her successful stints in choreography, direction and anchoring, Farah Khan is now all set to make her acting debut in producer J D Majethia’s Khichdi – EBLS.

The movie is being directed by Aatish Kapadia of Khichdi fame. Farah confirmed the news.
“I am doing a comic cameo in Khichdi — EBLS. When J D approached me for this role, I immediately accepted it as I play myself in the movie. I essay the character of a stern and serious director. It was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting for the film as I was served with good Gujarati food on the sets.”

Majethia, who himself is essaying a vital role, is thrilled about Farah’s cameo. “I have known Farah for a long time but I wasn’t sure if she would agree for the role. But she surprised me. She was always present on the days I required her for the shoot and also sincerely followed everything that was instructed to her by our director, Aatish Kapadia.”
Explaining Farah’s appearance in the film, he says, “Farah’s sequence is very humourous. She is approached to make a film for the purpose of annoying someone. Farah agrees to make the film on the condition that she won’t be given credit.” Farah recently shot the scene at Film City in Mumbai.

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