Homeopathy to cure HIV, cancer?

Science matters

The significant influence of lifestyle factors on health, well-being and life expectancy in these fast-paced and competitive times  is undeniable. And the growing incidence of cancer, HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis, diabetes, heart and bone-related problems, and a host of other chronic diseases are a testimony to the times we live in.

Though there is a growing awareness about these life-threatening ailments and available medical support to tackle and treat them, it is probably not enough. So, in this age of ‘allopathic treatment’, it might come as a surprise to hear that the cure for these deadly diseases, including malaria, swine flu and AIDS, are possible through homeopathy, or so its claimed“To treat an ailment which requires fast recovery such as typhoid, I would say allopathy is better, since antibiotics work faster. But there are certain chronic infections which remain for life such as TB and HIV. While curing these diseases, it is better if homeopthic medication is given along with allopathic,” says Dr Rajesh Shah, organising secretary of Global Homeopathy Foundation (GHF).

The myth that homeo-pathic medicines cannot be taken alongside allopathic treatment is debunked by doctors from other sciences too. “There was a time when the cure for TB was not available and that’s why Kamala Nehru was sent to a TB sanatorium at Bhowali (near Nainital). Then we developed a medicine and later there developed a resistance to it. So, it’s a continuous process of evolution,” Dr Anil Goyal, president, Delhi Medical Association, tells Metrolife.

Though he says there isn’t “any harm in consuming homeopathic and allopathic medicines at the same time,” he makes sure to add that “these are the days of ‘evidence’. So the homeopathic medicines have to be clinically examined to prove what is being claimed.” 

Dr Shah, on the other hand, cites the example of ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy) which is used to treat HIV patients. “This allopathic treatment is expensive and has side-effects too. I have developed a new homeopathic medicine from the HIV virus which was tested for six months on 30 patients in Mumbai and show-ed a decrease in the HIV virus count and an increase in CD4 (fighter cells) in the patients,” he says.
“I don’t think that CD4 cells can be increased through homeopathic medicines,” says Dr Navneet Kaur, internal medicine specialist at Nova Speciality Hospital, Kailash Colony, Greater Kailash. She is of the opinion that homeopathic medicines “help boost immunity and are effective in chronic illnesses but whatever treatment we give to the patient has to be monitored regularly.

There is a proper protocol. I don’t know how homeopathy will do it,” she adds. During a recently held World Homeopathy Summit, research works by experts from diverse fields endorsed the ability of homeopathy to treat critical ailments. One of the research works by Dr Kanjaksha Ghosh, director of National Institute of Immunohaematology, in association with Dr Tapas Kundu, demonstrated that acute bleeding in haemophilia patients could be treated with homeopathic medicines.

“Compared to the annual expenditure of over Rs one lakhs on conventional medicine, the homeopathic medicine would cost just about Rs 4,000,” says Dr Kundu.

Even molecular biologist, Dr Gaurisankar’s research proves that high-dilution homeopathic nano-particles can kill cancer cells and considerably reduced the cancer tumours when tested on rats. Dr Shah even claims to have developed a homeopathic medicine from the TB bacteria to cure the disease. “But Indian health ministry doesn’t have a system to bring these medicines into the market. In the last 50 years, not even a single homeopathic medicine has been introduced to the world from India and the recent researches just prove that there is a definite need for encouragement in new drug discoveries,” says Dr Shah.   

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