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QUIET: The cast of Sab Chup Raho. Silent comedy
Ever imagined watching a serial without any dialogues? Your funny bone being tickled by only gestures and no words? SAB presents an innovative concept — a show tentatively titled as Sab Chup Raho, which is India’s first silent comedy on television.

The show is set to launch in the end of January for a Friday evening slot.

The cast of the show includes Sunil Grover, Sheetal Maulik, Bhavna Balsavar and K K Goswami. Commenting on the unique initiative, Anooj Kapoor, Business
Head of the channel said, “We have always believed in offering innovative and fresh content to our audience.

Now we bring India’s first silent comedy. We hope to break new ground with the launch of this show and provide our viewers with yet another reason to sit back with the family and enjoy light-hearted entertainment.”

Back to the future
Every Tuesday night at 9 pm this January, let WB’s Fast Forward take you on a ride into the world of the yet-to-be-known. On January 19, watch The Island starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. Two captives are among hundreds of residents of a contained facility in the mid-21st century. The only way out, and the hope they all share, is to be chosen to go to The Island.

This is followed by Defending Your Life starring Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks.  After Daniel Miller dies suddenly in a car accident, he’s transported to Judgment City and faces a tribunal to decide whether he will go to a better place or return to earth for another incarnation. Unexpectedly and for the first time in his life, Miller discovers love.

Rich Asian heritage
Across the vast plains of Asia, lie some of the most unique resorts in the world. From the mountainous highland of Yunnan (China) to the lush paddy fields of Bali (Indonesia), these luxurious getaways are as varied as the culture found within the region. How are these lavish retreats designed?

More importantly, how do they relate to the history and culture of their locale? Full of exotic escapades, Paradise Asia will take you through an in-depth journey behind the design of some of the world’s best resorts and uncover their inspiration from the rich heritage of Asia.

The programme airs at 9 pm on January 19 on Discovery Travel and Living.

Chilling development
Sony Entertainment Television presents Jeet Jayenge Hum on January 19 at 9.30 pm. In the bus, Bhairav pays for Suman and her kids.
Damyanti tells Prabhakar that he should go to her sister’s house in Gautampur to take care of her family.
The bus reaches Gautampur and Bhairav, with the help of his wife, manages to convince the kids to sit in their car.
The couple offers cold drinks to the kids as a result of which, the kids faint. Bhairav then, instructs Neeraj to take them to Bhavanipur.

Emotional journey 
Gorillas Revisited With Sigourney Weaver travels to the mountains of Central Africa where Animal Planet cameras join Weaver on a personal and emotional journey to update the gorillas’ tale.

What has happened to them in the intervening years? What new understanding do scientists have about their behaviour?

With the help of archive footage and expert interviews, Weaver reveals how the fabled mountain gorilla has fought its way back from the brink of extinction. Watch Gorillas Revisited With Sigourney Weaver at 9 pm on January 19.

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