No veering towards controversies

No veering towards controversies

No veering towards controversies

Macho: Salman Khan DH Photo by Dinesh S K

I don’t react to provocative questions like I used to. Call it maturity,” smiles Salman Khan enigmatically as he veered the thread of conversation towards his new film Veer. And away from his personal loves and pet hates.

As the roar of his adoring fans echoed around him in the closed confines of a multiplex in the City, almost threatening to escalate into a stampede, Salman kept his equanimity and talked about his latest film.“It is an epic set in a turbulent period of Indian history complete with kings, armies, blood thirsty wars and a larger than life hero,” he says. Of course, there is the beautiful princess too, the new and much touted Zarine Khan already famous for her uncanny resemblance to Katrina Kaif.

 Salman gets a tad defensive when asked if he deliberately chose her for the movie because of it. “Give me a break! God has made each one of us unique so how can she be a carbon copy?”

Having scripted and starred in the film he is naturally very optimistic about the success of the movie, but in his typical forthright manner says, “If the public likes the film give it the credit it deserves. If not, just can it!”

When asked how he handles all the adulation and the sheer intensity of his adoring fans he says with refreshing candour, “The thing to remember is that all this (gesturing towards the screaming hordes trying to catch a glimpse of him) is very transient. Today, it’s me, tomorrow someone else. Life goes on regardless of who is currently in the spotlight. The trick is not to take ourselves too seriously!”

Not yet on twitter but a regular blogger he says that blogging keeps him very connected to his fan base.

His relationship with his script writer-father is of special value to him and is strongly reflected in his film. “Veer is a father-son relationship drama that highlights the closeness and respect that should ideally be an integral part of every father and son bond,” he says emotionally.

 The most challenging role of his career however, Salman says in typical tongue-in-cheek style is — ‘Being human’ (referring to his charitable organisations).

Getting in shape for the film was not too difficult although he had to tweak his usual fitness routine a bit to get the desired body for the warrior look, “I reduced weight-lifting and did more dumbbells, push-ups and heavy squatting. Can’t dress like a warrior and sport skinny legs!” he laughs, adding, “unlike most period films this one is a wholesome mix of  emotion, drama and comedy unlike other period films, which tend to be very serious and solemn productions almost as if people didn't laugh in those days!”