When love defies death

When love defies death
Kannada (U) Cast: Ajai Rao, Radhika
Director: Imran Sardhariya

Choreographer Imran Sardhariya dons the director’s mantle with Endendigu. One wishes he did so with a better, brighter script than what Jayatheertha saddled him with.

Seeking to show that love can conquer even death, Sardhariya’s Endendigu takes us through newlywed Jyothi’s life as she faces some anxious moments about her techie hubby Krishna. 

The first half — with breezy and brisk preparations by the family for the impending marriage — keeps one engaged.

The bonhomie between the bubbly bride and groom, kin, servants and comical interludes light up the screen.

The slow-paced second half, where the newlyweds jet into scenic Sweden, is a letdown.
What follows is a plethora of songs and fights, turning the film into a test of patience, as it chronicles Jyothi’s schizophrenic tendencies and concerns about the safety of her beloved.

Endendigu becomes insufferable as it attempts to press home its tagline Ek Duje Ke Liye.
Radhika Pandit, with her waif-like presence and expressive eyes, is Endendigu’s only saving grace.

Ajai Rao, instead of revelling in his chocolate-boy romantic hero image, makes himself miserable trying to fell villains by the dozen.  

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